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Megan Purdy

I’m not sure how to do a news update this week–the gutting of LucasArts and the passing of Roger Ebert (two thumbs down, cancer) obviously overshadow everything else. Instead I’ll just share an Indiegogo campaign, and a few choice reads I’ve collected over the past week.

Kickstarter Indiegogo of the Week

  • Caravan of Comics wants to take TCAF and the International Comic Arts Forum by storm! With Australian comics! Scarlette Baccini, Mirranda Burton, Marijka Gooding, Patrick Alexander, Gregory Mackay, Daniel Hayward, and Bruce Mutard, are seeking to $10,000 to support a North American mini-tour of their work, and the new feature-length documentary Graphic Novels! Melbourne!

A worthy goal… that just so happens to bring cool international comics here to me, in Toronto.

  • In other Indiegogo news, the Ladies’ Night Anthology, edited by our own Megan Byrd, has reached its funding goal! The anthology will feature original comics, art, and prose from members of the Ladies’ Night at Graham Cracker Comics community, which was started by Hannah Chapman. (You might remember her from such interviews as this podcast and this q&a).

Good job Hannah and Megan B!

Reads of the Week

You’ve already heard about these women making comics, but you don’t know who they are… head on over to The Beat for a quick and convenient introduction to a bunch of very talented women creators.

“I feel a similar hyper self-awareness of being female in the comic industry, always have and probably always will. When I wrote comics and comics-related articles, I was a “Female Writer” — all opportunities offered me had to have a component of highlighting my Femaleness, my status as Female Writer, Female In The Comics Industry. I was not a person, a writer, a fan of comics — I was a quota, I was a person whose intentions and qualifications are suspect because of my gender, I was a figurehead to be trotted out during Women’s History Month Time and then put back in the box.”

Interviews and Editorials

“Y.A. writers tend to be very good at addressing issues that impact kids now, and one of the great, important features of books in the category is to give readers a chance to figure out how they feel and to learn from experiences one hopes they don’t have to face in real life.”

“Speaking of mundane, let’s consider the shows DC has used to branch out into digital media: Arrow? Smallville? Adam West’s Batman? Not exactly series catering to a multicultural audience. Yet Young Justice and Static Shock are not afforded the same opportunity. At a time when spending power is growing in several communities, the company’s efforts on diversity continue to lag.”

“We are trying to open our doors to everyone who likes manga. We are offering not just mainstream shoujo [girls’] and shonen [boys’] manga. Right now we have pages that if they are 18+ you have to agree to say you are 18+ to view them, and of course the credit card restriction is you have to be 18 or over. The younger audiences can use a PayPal account, and they will have access to the 13+  books.”

Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

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