Month: April 2013

Blog Carnival: 75 Years of Lois Lane

Celebrating 75 Years of Lois Lane (in May) Action Comics #1 was released in June of 1938. It featured the debut of not only Clark Kent and Superman, but plucky, independent reporter Lois Lane. Love interest, competitor, sometime thorn in Clark’s side, and full time journalistic superhero, Lois has been an integral part of Action…

News & Things: Clever title need not apply

Megan Purdy I’m not sure how to do a news update this week–the gutting of LucasArts and the passing of Roger Ebert (two thumbs down, cancer) obviously overshadow everything else. Instead I’ll just share an Indiegogo campaign, and a few choice reads I’ve collected over the past week. Kickstarter Indiegogo of the Week Caravan of…

stock: True War Romance 16, penciller Bill Walsh, digital comics museum

What is geek culture?

What we talk about when we talk about fake fangirls. Back in the day–the non-branded, power-to-the-people, halcyon days of geek culture–being a fan was being a geek, was being an outcast, was being a fan. Or so I’m told. Everyone who could be said to be participating in geek culture was by definition a little…