Blog Carnival: 75 Years of Lois Lane

Celebrating 75 Years of Lois Lane (in May)

Lois LaneAction Comics #1 was released in June of 1938. It featured the debut of not only Clark Kent and Superman, but plucky, independent reporter Lois Lane. Love interest, competitor, sometime thorn in Clark’s side, and full time journalistic superhero, Lois has been an integral part of Action Comics, Superman, and the superhero mythos ever since.

In honour of the property’s 75th anniversary, Women Write About Comics is dedicating May 19-25 to a celebration of Lois Lane. 75 Years of Lois Lane will include essays, creator interviews, and a blog carnival featuring–we hope–you.

What’s a blog carnival, you ask? Basically it’s a giant blog crossover, where a bunch of people get together to share their views on a specific topic–in this case, a celebration and exploration of the long history of Lois Lane, and your relationship to the character. What we want to know is: what does Lois mean to you? The carnival is open to established bloggers and journalists, and especially to all fans. Just write, vlog, podcast, or comic, and get a link to us by the 19th. We’ll go live on WWAC with  a master post on the 22nd, linking to all submissions.

It’s been awhile since we’ve run a blog carnival, and we hope you’re as excited about Lois 75 as we are!

Check out the carnival FAQ for more details on the mechanics, and our Back Issues for past carnivals.

Use #wwacomics and #lois75 to talk about the carnival on Twitter.

Megan Purdy

Megan Purdy

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