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Blog-malgam comics! The WWAC blog carnival is a giant blog crossover, and everyone’s invited!

In a blog carnival, a large group of disparate bloggers get together to share their views on a specific topic. Our goal here is to make new connections amongst the many girls and women who write about comics, and to organize commentary around the hot issues of the day in the comics industry and fandom.

Check out these great back issues!

1. Women In Refrigerators: 13 Years Later

January 22-28, 2012 — Master Post.

2. Favourite Stories Starring Women

March 18 – 24, 2012 — Master Post.

3. Pitch Me: Underrated Comics

May 27 – June 2 — Master Post.

4. Harassment In the Geek Blogosphere

July 7 – 8 — Master Post.

5. Carol Appreciation

July 18 – 27 — Master Post.

6. 75 Years of Lois Lane

May 23 – 31 — Master post.

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