Women In Refrigerators (3)

A couple of posts for your lazy weekend delectation:

Elisabeth Pfeiffer has posted the second part of her article on sexual violence against women in comics:

I have created a list of women in comics who have been sexually manipulated/abused/molested/assaulted or raped. Others are victims of some kind of sexual violence, or were killed solely for their sexuality (ie. Silhouette) Some of these I took directly from the Women in Refrigerators list, others I researched on my own. You can read more about why I compiled this list here. This list is by no means exhaustive. It is a numbered list to show the actual number; not to qualify them in any ordered format.

WIR (huh) what is it good for?, by Erin of Literate Knits

We had it right. It’s not enough for us to be indignant and to speak out. It’s not enough to confront the writers and editors over this online, in the letter pages, and at cons. The only way to change the comics industry is to become the comics industry.

We’ll do another roundup before the end of the weekend, as procrastinating contributors send in their links. Much love to all of you.

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