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Two updates in one day, can it be true?  Well, yes.

Defrosting the DCnU (or not), by Jess Plummer.

You probably already know this too, but this past September, DC canceled their entire line of titles and (conditionally) rebooted their universe with 52 brand-new series. I won’t get into the reasons or my very loud opinions on the reboot generally, because we’ll be here all day. But here’s the thing about the reboot and WiR: every single one of DC’s many past fridgings could have been undone. When you rewrite your entire universe, there’s no reason to keep any past deaths in continuity. Instead, with one exception, DC not only hasn’t undone their fridgings, they’ve removed the characters entirely.

Ms. Marvel, a History of Refrigerators, and the Modern Day Fridge, by Boudika.

Anyone who knows me knows that I really love Ms. Marvel. She’s one of my all-time favorite characters, and certainly at the top of my list of favorite Marvel characters. So when I heard about the blog carnival topic “Women in Refrigerators, 13 Years Later,” I couldn’t help but feel like writing about it while looking specifically at one Carol Danvers was the way to go. Why? Well, because I’m more familiar with her than a lot of other comic ladies and, if you look at the original list of WiR, she stands out. She’s got the longest line of things that have happened to her and the little note at the end says it all. SHEESH!

Women In Refrigerators 13 Years Later, by Megan (this blog’s maintainer in chief /self-plug).

But it’s not just that it seems perfectly natural, it’s that every instance of objectified sexual violence exists because a creator chose to tell that story, that way. Someone reached into the big bag of tropes and decided that yes, the villain is gonna assault and kill the hero’s girlfriend in this issue, and the only comment she’ll have on the situation is her tears.

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