• TCAF 2019 Diary: Calls to Action and Comics Communities

    TCAF 2019 Diary: Calls to Action and Comics Communities0

    Ever since I moved to Toronto in 2018, I’ve heard about the Toronto Comics and Arts Festival (TCAF), which I had narrowly missed in 2018 because I arrived a month too late. So, it really isn’t surprising that the moment I got the chance, I made arrangements to attend the festival in 2019.

  • To All The Cons We’ve Loved This Year

    To All The Cons We’ve Loved This Year0

    We all have different criteria for what makes a convention. Some people love the huge rush of large venues like SDCC. Some like quieter, smaller things. With 2018’s convention season having finally wound down, we figured it’d be a good idea to talk about which con each of us liked best, and why.

  • Dissecting “Men in Comics” at TCAF 2018

    Dissecting “Men in Comics” at TCAF 20180

    From the dawn of the Golden Age of Comics, there has been one overlooked group of people that has faced the most adversity and struggled more than any other to find a place in comics: straight white men. At this year’s TCAF, a panel of talented comics creators tackled the important, yet controversial, issue of

  • Previously on Comics: TCAF 2017 Edition

    Previously on Comics: TCAF 2017 Edition0

    Hello again and welcome to another Previously On Comics! This week is a special TCAF edition, due to WWAC’s zine and panel debut! Just found the @womenoncomics zine at #TCAF!!! I may be crying it's fine pic.twitter.com/z3K0tazlK9 — Angel C (@angelcwrites) May 13, 2017 Check out the rest of WWAC’s twitter coverage of TCAF, including

  • TCAF 2016: Festival Diary

    TCAF 2016: Festival Diary0

    I love the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) and I’ve gone every year since 2013. The 2016 festival was fantastic and I’m still recovering from the exciting things that went down. TCAF is a free event that focuses on independent comics and creators with guests from not only Canada but all over the world. Its primary location is in

  • Short & Sweet: TCAF Edition!

    Short & Sweet: TCAF Edition!0

    OTP Maki Naro Self Published 2015 Maki Naro calls OTP the first Triassic romance comic. In 1975, paleontologists found a Triassic era fossilized cast. In 2012, we finally found out was inside the cast, thanks to the European Synchronotron Radiation Facility, which peered inside the cast and discovered two animals, locked in a fatal embrace: