Previously on Comics: Unfuck Your Habitat

Hello again, faithful readers. It’s been awhile. And yet, looking at the news from the past week, it’s like nothing’s changed. Some white male creators who have long overstayed their tenure in comics are still out there slotting and harassing people–but then there’s good shit too. Some weeks there’s a little more of column A than column B, but this week it seems as though there might be more good things than bad, and those are the weeks when I can just about manage to get excited about comics again (although last week’s Marvel announcements, trailers and teasers did a pretty good job of that too).

So, ignoring slotting assholes, here’s some good shit that happened this past week.

It seems as though Comic Con International may have come to the realization that the Eisner judging and voting process sucks and they need to be more transparent about it, because they announced a shockingly diverse and impressively credentialed panel of judges for next year. Although when you put this announcement side by side with TCAF’s announcement that they were hiring for the 2021 festival using a newly revised, standardized, and equitable HR process, it’s helpful perspective that while CCI is finally making good changes, it’s still only the bare minimum, and there is so much more progress that needs to be made.

There’s been so much bad Marvel editorial news that I had to blink twice when I saw information about a new Black Panther anthology Black Panther: Tales of Wakanda – a Ground-breaking Anthology From the African Diaspora. This is fanfic, not comics, being published by Titan Books, and some of the most diverse lineups lately for IP has been in these short story anthologies. I honestly don’t think Marvel editorial could spell diaspora, much less define it, so I may have to come around and support these anthologies more in the future.

Someone (like, maybe a graduate student) should write a conference paper about transmedia IP and short story anthologies as community-building endeavours. And maybe they should present it at the 2021 CSS virtual conference, whose CFP just went live and where the topic happens to be Re/Building Community. And when that hypothetical graduate student has presented that paper, they should think about heading back over here to publish some public-facing scholarship on Comics Academe. You’ve only got until January 30th, but I’ve already given you your topic, so…what are you waiting for?

That’s it for me, people. Time for me to go back into my cave and hibernate until the next Fantastic Four movie comes out, and if Rahul Kohli isn’t cast Reed Richards then what’s the point.

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Kate Tanski

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  1. Do I want to know what “slotting” means? Is that a reference to that ever-prominent rear end at Marvel who fails up, or is there a slang term I missed?

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