• Review: DPS Only! Brings e-Sports to Tapas

    Review: DPS Only! Brings e-Sports to Tapas0

    DPS Only! is a new exclusive webcomic created by Vel for Tapas Media. Vel, known for their previous webcomic Countdown to Countdown and illustrations for Boom! and the League of Legends EU Championship series, brings their polished technique to the world of e-sports.

  • Vault Comics Pubwatch: November

    Vault Comics Pubwatch: November0

    This month’s Vault Comics Pubwatch is full of good stuff because Vault has been very, very busy.  At the beginning of the month, they spread the good word about their science fiction and fantasy comics across the sea, expanding their comic convention trail to include Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival 2019 in Harrogate, England.

  • Don’t Eat That: Tapas’s Incubator Program

    Don’t Eat That: Tapas’s Incubator Program0

    When it comes to the publishing industry, my background is largely in fiction prose. I’ve spent years reading and researching fiction publishing contracts, learning what the terms mean and what the red flags are. I’ve seen all sorts of rights and royalties fuckery attempts from the incompetent and the outright scammy, sometimes with tragic, “Here’s