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Can Companies Criminalize Cosplay?

The upcoming Supreme Court case of Star Athletica, L.L.C., Petitioner v. Varsity Brands, Inc., et al. has a lot of people in the geek community concerned that this may be the case. The case involves cheerleading uniforms—but it does have potential ramifications for cosplay and wearable fandom items. In this case, Varsity claims that designs can be…

Daisy Ridley as Rey, Star Wars The Force Awakens | Disney | Lucasfilm (2015)

#WheresRey: Why Do We Still Need Fan Outcry to Get Hasbro to do What It Should Have Done in the First Place?

​In a not so shocking sexist merchandising twist, fans learned that the latest edition of Star Wars Monopoly would not include Rey, the main character of The Force Awakens film. After the fan outcry, Hasbro announced that it would remedy this issue by including Rey in the updated version. In a statement to Entertainment Weekly…