My Local Comic Shop and Me

shoreline-comics-1Shoreline Comics

419-N Shoreline Village Dr.
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 435-7827

Local Comics Shops inspire all kinds of feelings in us. Love, loyalty, indifference, fear of the unknown. I was lucky enough when living in London to have the most wonderful LCS in Orbital Comics. Even better, the last months that I lived in London I got to work there. It was a gorgeous, inclusive space where I met some of the people who would become most important in my life. Including my husband.

We married on our favourite local beach in Southern California earlier this year. What was meant to be an American visit became the beginning of a life changing journey with the person I love. A large part of our story has included comics and will likely continue to as we get used to being life as partners in all things emotionally and creatively. That includes putting out our first comic together, Cougar and Cub, in the new year.

Making Long Beach my home meant leaving a lot of things behind and that also meant my beloved Orbital. So it was with a little trepidation that my husband took me to his local store. Luckily, I completely fell in love.

Shoreline Comics is situated in the beautifully picturesque Shoreline Village in downtown Long Beach. For someone who spent pretty much all of my life in incredibly built up urban areas of London, it was a revelation. The shop itself looks like it’s straight out of Steven Universe, painted gorgeous pastel colors and sitting right on the sea. It’s without doubt one of the most welcoming and unintimidating stores I’ve ever encountered, which in the days of so many new readers picking up comics is an important thing.

Established in 2015 by Feon Cooper, a lifelong comic book fan and generally super cool dude, Shoreline Comics has already become a firm favourite with locals, including me. Feon is always in the shop and dedicates himself to supplying what his customer base wants. The shop is incredibly friendly, open, and inclusive, with a focus towards merchandise and single issue comics rather than graphic novels or collected editions.


There’s always cool stuff going on at Shoreline too. Feon constantly screens animated movies on the shop’s TV, plays superhero and fantasy film scores on the stereo, and holds all kinds of events. Most recently, Feon has been hosting a VR haunted house that customers can try out when they head to Shoreline on the weekend. It’s a great thing to see a small independent business thriving, especially one run by someone who so clearly loves what they’re doing.

Every trip to Shoreline Comics is pleasure, from the picturesque setting to the ambiance of the shop to catching up with Feon himself. The store stocks weekly comics from the Big Two and some smaller publishers, as well as keeping back issues. As the shop goes from strength to strength,  Feon also offers a pull list service so you can always have your favourite comics waiting for you.


If you’re a Long Beach local, just love comics, or even if you’re just visiting town, Shoreline Comics is always worth a stop. It’s the kind of place that makes your day a little bit better, and with the kind of days the world’s been having lately, the importance of that cannot be overstated.

Rosie Knight

Rosie Knight

writer. fake geek girl. makes comics, occasionally sells some.