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Kickstarter of the Week: A Comic Spot

It’s simple concept: build community with a truck, comics and some foldable furniture. The Kickstarter campaign for A Comic Spot aims to do just that. In the campaign video, 18 year old Antonio, talks about how he’s been going to a comic shop for 8 years, but doesn’t feel a sense of community. The campaign…

Noelle Stevenson Signing at Challengers Comics

Lumberjanes, the highly anticipated new mini series from Boom! Studios, made its debut this past Wednesday. Co-writer Noelle Stevenson stopped by Challengers Comics + Conversation in Chicago, IL for a flannel filled signing. On our way to Challengers for the Noelle Stevenson signing, I began to suspiciously eye each person on the bus wearing flannel….

Amazon to Acquire comiXology

If you’re visiting the comiXology website today, you’ll see a “Message from the CEO” rotating on in the banner. After seven years of business, the message from David Steinberger announces that comiXology will become part of the Amazon family. The message also states that they will retain its identity as an Amazon subsidiary so they can continue…