• DC PUBWATCH – December

    DC PUBWATCH – December0

    It wasn’t a great month for DC Comics in the news. The biggest news of the month was the cancellation of Border Town after allegations of sexual harassment and assault came out about Eric M. Esquivel. Both colorist Tamra Bonvillain and artist Ramon Villalobos released statements stepping away from the book, and days later DC

  • Let Her Grow: The Importance of Poison Ivy’s Heroic Journey

    Let Her Grow: The Importance of Poison Ivy’s Heroic Journey4

    “To discuss Poison Ivy is to discuss environmentalism. To discuss patriarchy. To discuss collective archetypes, and evolving narratives. To discuss Golden Age femmes fatale and black widows. To discuss thrill killers and team ups. To discuss redemption, and defiance, and friendship. To discuss narrative polemics, women in the sciences, the rush of urbanisation, and the

  • When Poison Ivy Fought Eddie Berganza2

    NOTE: The grammar of this article has been updated, due to an initial tech problem resulting in an unproved copy being published. The tenth paragraph has been added for clarity. Additionally, this now includes a final statement from Amy Chu. Back in January 2016 DC comics published Poison Ivy’s first (and only) solo mini series