• Frontier #12: Kelly Kwang — It’s the Aesthetic

    Frontier #12: Kelly Kwang — It’s the Aesthetic0

    Frontier #12: Kelly Kwang Kelly Kwang Youth In Decline May, 2016 When I recommend Frontier to people, I say that it’s an anthology of comics and art books by interesting indie cartoonists. This issue, Kelly Kwang’s first published work, is a bit more art book than illustrated story. It’s still a comic, though, so don’t

  • Interview with Meredith Gran of Octopus Pie

    Interview with Meredith Gran of Octopus Pie0

    One of the reasons I love webcomics is that they give readers the opportunity to see an artist grow and change. Webcomics are, with a few exceptions, published quickly after they are created, giving the reader a chance to engage with a work while the artist is still living through the experiences that influenced the art. Of

  • Dear Amanda: Letters of Caution

    Dear Amanda: Letters of Caution0

    Cathy G. Johnson’s Dear Amanda plays catch with you for a while. Then it knocks the ball out of your hands. You thought you were reading a simple diary comic? You were reading a rather complex meditation on perspective, in fact. It knocked the ball out of my hands, I should say. Reading experiences may