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IMMOLATION, Zachary Clemente, Arielle Soutar & Ricardo Lopez Ortiz

Carve Your Name in the Rockface: Arielle Soutar’s Art of Lettering

When I spoke to Zach Clemente about his Mountain cycle comics, he had plenty to say about his steady collaborator, Arielle Soutar. Clemente and Soutar have collaborated with a different cartoonist on each book, but she has provided the typography and logo work for all ClementeWorks scripts. And they’ve known each other since school! I wanted to…

Infinite Scroll Feature 1. Image from Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud.

Comics’ Infinite Scroll: To The Rim and Beyond

The launch of Stela, a new comics app which publishes titles optimized for the downward scrolling function of smartphones, has kicked up some talk about Scott McCloud’s Reinventing Comics. Published in 2000 as a sequel to Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics considers the kinds of innovations that McCloud believed would advance the medium. He paid particular attention to…

Louie Joyce (Art and Colors), Paul Allor (Words), Gannon Beck (Layouts), Andy Schmidt (Consulting Editor)

Love, War, and Other Frightful Creatures: Past the Last Mountain

Past the Last Mountain Louie Joyce (Art and Colors), Paul Allor (Words), Gannon Beck (Layouts), Andy Schmidt (Consulting Editor) CE Digital January 13, 2016 Disclaimer: WWAC received review copies of all four issues of Past the Last Mountain from Paul Allor. On Free Comic Book Day in 2014, Paul Allor and Thomas Boatwright released a comic through Th3rd World…