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A wide panel frames the extreme close-up of a young Black woman wearing glasses in profile against a light blue, lightly textured background. She says, "Okay..." Below, a wide shot including the young woman and white man stand on a slanted surface again an abstracted, background-less space. The woman then says, "...Where do we start?"

REVIEW: The Grotesque of Modern Frankenstein Has Been Done Before—And Better

As his student, Elizabeth is fascinated by the ways of Dr. James Frankenstein, a figure surrounded by controversy due to the conducting of unethical experiments he believes would serve the betterment of humanity. Swayed by what she believes are good intentions and her growing attraction to him, Elizabeth willingly becomes his protégé. She digs herself…

Annes Elwy plays a strange maid who arrives at a Welsh home in The Feast. She is in a fog-filled woods, crouched on lush green grass, looking up at something off-camera.

REVIEW: The Feast Serves Up Anti-Colonial Welsh Folk Horror

Folk horror often examines tension between the “modern” and the “premodern,” the latter represented by folklore, witchcraft, and superstition which threaten the “modern” protagonist. Many folk horror flicks, like the classic The Wicker Man and the more recent The Witch, use this dynamic to critique modernity, traditionally defined by western white men and used to…

A woman with black hair looks down while in a wheat field, saying "Clara...?" in a speech bubble.

REVIEW: Gazing into the Shadows from The Crossroads at Midnight

The Crossroads at Midnight collects five short stories by Abby Howard, whose previous publications were educational science comics and the young adult dark fantasy adventure The Last Halloween. None of the stories in Howard’s newest collection is suitable for children, and the gory tone is reminiscent of twentieth-century pulp horror comic magazines. Each piece is…