• Seeing Surrealism in Comics

    Seeing Surrealism in Comics1

    I started researching Surrealism, more specifically Women Surrealists, over ten years ago, writing both my M.A. dissertation and then my PhD thesis on the subject. I have a particular interest with Surrealism’s connections to the female body, fashion, and magic/alchemy/witchcraft, but the movement is wide and its influence felt in many places. As a result,

  • Hire This Hero: Whither Wander’d Wolverine?

    Hire This Hero: Whither Wander’d Wolverine?0

    Have you ever wished a certain superhero was on hand to help with a very specific task that they were perfectly suited for, only to have that hero be unavailable? Well, you’re in luck! Welcome to the first installment of HIRE THIS HERO, where we here at WWAC scour superhero employment records to find you

  • Uncannily Licensed X-Men #1 – Enter The Best X-Men Book of All Time

    Uncannily Licensed X-Men #1 – Enter The Best X-Men Book of All Time0

    Hello discerning X-Fans. In my new series (check out Rosie’s previous series, Daddy Issues –Ed.) I’ll be exploring some of the best and strangest licensed X-Men books that don’t fall under the direct market comic book mantle. Join me on this *spooky referential comic book voice* Journey Into Mystery.

  • Sing a Song of Spiritus

    Sing a Song of Spiritus0

    Spiritus Tim Daniel (words & design), Michael Kennedy (art), Lauren Norby (letterer) The Vault, 2017 “This comic is like a song.” That’s something I say sometimes. I say it to mean I read this with my brain out of focus, like I saw the main strength of it with the part of my brain that processes

  • The Glory of Sophie Campbell

    The Glory of Sophie Campbell0

    Heads you lop, tails you lose The half “Amazonian,” half demon Gloriana Demeter has gone through a few transformations since her first appeared in Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood Strikefile #1 in 1993. She garnered a solo series written by Mary Jo Duffy and drawn largely by Mike Deodato and J. Morrigan, which ran from 1996 to 1997. Glory was a

  • Roman Muradov and the State of His Bladders

    Roman Muradov and the State of His Bladders0

    Jacob Bladders and the State of the Art Roman Muradov Uncivilized Books November 2016 Roman Muradov’s newest work follows Jacob Bladders as he tries to complete his job as a newspaper cartoonist, in the cut-throat world of corporate illustration. Hijinks, and hijacks, ensue.