Geek Mystique: Lifestyle News for September

It’s that time again! The Lifestyle section Editor’s–that would be me–monthly round-up of carefully curated (meaning stuff I like) geeky lifestyle links! Hide your wallet now.

Ariel onesie via Target.comCozy & Cute Fall Fashion

Fall is here, which means you probably need to indulge in some mass consumption and stock up on some festive, cozy fall fashion. I’ve got you covered with LOADS of geeky clothing like these Disney/Pixar onesies for grown-ups, and fortunately, they can be easily found at Target!

Also, to keep you cozy, are these cardigans by Elhoffer Design based on a variety of geek franchises, such as Marvel’s Carol Corps and Black Widow. If hoodies are more your style, then check out these hoodie designs from Hoodied. You can order costume! And since it is getting colder, you will need these stunning felt scarves based off animals from Polish fashion designers Celina and Maja Debowska. (Or just drool over how pretty they are!)

Is it just me or does this sparkly skirt that LITERALLY SPARKLES from ThinkGeek seem perfect for the colder months and longer nights? Be prepared, because assembly is required with this skirt. Also, this Squirrel Girl earring set seems very autumnal, as well. Speaking of Marvel, they have finally released their business suits, along with DC, and they are kind of ugly in my not-humble opinion.

But, alas, if you live where I live, the cold weather really doesn’t matter, and you will just have to go on wearing clothes you won’t die from heat exhaustion in. Once again, Marvel has you covered with these button-up shirts that are much more subtle than the Iron-Man business suit. Archie recently debuted their new Betty & Veronica themed line by Rachel Antonoff. It’s pretty cute though definitely seems to be targeted for a younger audience. But if you prefer the vintage look of Archie, Unique Vintage has this adorable Disney inspired line.

And two other things, because, well, I can. Halloween never has to stop with this Everyday is Halloween collection from The Oblong Box Shop, and if all these cardigans and hoodies don’t work for you, then you can crochet your very own X-wing Starfighter blanket instead.

Stranger Things Cosplay and Pugsplay

Where do I even start?! With this Barb cosplay?! Or this Stranger Things cosplay? This baby Eleven cosplay? Or this cosplay from yet another rad Mom super into Stranger Things? How about instead I leave you with this pet cosplay, pugsplay from Doug the Pug.

You’re welcome. Oh, and here’s a Stranger Things umbrella for that fall weather.

Cosplay of Other Varieties

I am crazy about these hijab cosplays from Captain America from Hijabi Hooligan and Queen of Luna.

Marvel recently debuted some rad cosplay covers, including an adorable Hellcat! Not to be outdone, Valiant released a line of cat cosplay variant covers. While we are on the topic of cosplay, you go read this article, “As a Fat Black Woman, Cosplay Has Tried To Make Me Invisible” by Talynn Kel.

Representation in cosplay, like comics, is important, so here are some cartoons by Tatiana Gill who draws body positive representations of superheroes, mermaids, and Rainbow Brite! Jess Baker, the Militant Baker and body positive maven talks more about Gill on her website. This article from The Body is Not an Apology is also a good reminder for body love, probably something we all need, regardless of size.

Some Generally Cool, or at Least Interesting, Shit

Speaking of body love and non-traditional representation, H&M has a new campaign featuring ladies with pit hair, and ladies rocking their ‘fros and shaved heads.

If you agree that many of these models have great hair, you should check out this GoFundMe for a HairOnPurpose Conference in NYC. HairOnPurpose is a non-profit devoted to helping young girl’s self-esteem via making “healthy and purposeful decisions” via their hair care.

Also, in fashion, designer Behnaz Farahi created a garment that moves when people stare it. How cool is that?! You can read the interview here, and watch the video below.

Other inventions that may be of interest, this eggplant emoji vibrator and this alarm clock that wakes you up with an orgasm. But the real innovator props goes to Natalie Hampton, a sixteen-year-old from California, who made an app that helps kids find people to sit with during lunch. Take that bullies!

Finally, let’s end this month’s Geek Mystique with this funny little story about what happens when a t-shirt designer offers a “gender-neutral” shirt cut for women. It’s a good laugh!

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