• Don’t Sleep On Justice League Action

    Don’t Sleep On Justice League Action0

    Justice League Action Sam Register, Jay Bastian, Tramm Wigzell and Tatiana Krokar (producers), Bruce A. King (editor) Kevin Conroy, Rachel Kimsey, Jason J. Lewis (cast) Adapted from Justice League by Gardner Fox November 26, 2016 (UK), December 16, 2016 (US) Justice League Action is the latest entry from the DC Animation team. It is not

  • DC Conquers TV at #SDCC2017

    DC Conquers TV at #SDCC20170

    • July 30, 2017

    If you turn on the CW at any point during the week now, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing a show based on a DC Comics character. In a craze that started with Arrow in 2012, DC Comics has a slew of shows all over your television. On the CW alone we have Arrow,

  • Geek Mystique: Lifestyle News for October

    Geek Mystique: Lifestyle News for October0

    Y’all, there’s so much going on this month, this is going to be a packed one, what with the Geek High Holy Day, that would be Halloween, approaching! Sure, we geeks like any excuse to cosplay and indulge our geek fantasies all year, but there’s just something about the month of October that makes all

  • Supergirl is Up, Up, and Away on the CW

    Supergirl is Up, Up, and Away on the CW0

    • October 11, 2016

    Last night saw the Season 2 premiere of Supergirl, now on the CW. And while no one expected the sophomore season on a smaller network to match the show’s numbers during its tenure on CBS, the fact is Supergirl blew us all away, delivering the most-watched show during its time period for the CW in nearly

  • Supergirl’s White Kryptonite

    Supergirl’s White Kryptonite0

    There aren’t many shows I really love these days. For every Jane the Virgin or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, there seems to be a corresponding amount of hard-boiled police procedurals headlined by square-jawed and serious men. Still, it’s not a leap to say that I love Supergirl.

  • Brand New: An Analysis of DC Comics’ 2016 Logo

    Brand New: An Analysis of DC Comics’ 2016 Logo1

    DC Entertainment released their new logo, along with a press release explaining its new branding and the motivations behind its decisions. See below for the full announcement. I have highlighted a few key phrases that point toward DC’s branding direction.