DC Conquers TV at #SDCC2017

If you turn on the CW at any point during the week now, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing a show based on a DC Comics character. In a craze that started with Arrow in 2012, DC Comics has a slew of shows all over your television. On the CW alone we have Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie and the upcoming Black Lightning. On Fox, you have Gotham and Lucifer. AMC has Preacher and SyFy has the upcoming Krypton. DC even recently announced their own streaming service that’s going to launch sometime in 2018, with its first two shows being the return of Young Justice and a live action Titans. It’s an exciting time to be a fan of DC Comics and television, and we learned about almost all these shows at San Diego Comic-Con.

Fans were excited to learn more about the return of Young Justice, and the “Young Justice” panel provided them with a bevy of news. There will again be a time jump with the show, just like in season two. The season will feature the team up against metahuman trafficking and will introduce new members Spoiler, 13, and Arrowette. All of the past characters get costume updates as well.

Some of the characters from Young Justice Season Three
Some of the characters from Young Justice Season Three

On iZombie, the world at large now knows about zombies and the city of Seattle has become a sanctuary city for them. Liv will get a new love interest in season four, and Robert Knepper has been promoted to series regular.

In season two of Preacher we’re going to see a lot more things from the comics. We’ve seen the Saint of Killers and Herr Starr already, and Dominic Cooper teased that we’ll see more of Jesse’s childhood.


At the Krypton panel, we learned more about the premise of the show. In today’s world, a conspiracy is hatched to prevent Superman from ever being born, with the conspirators traveling back in time two generations to Krypton. Also announced at the panel were the inclusion of DC mythos characters like Adam Strange and Doomsday.

Big news dropped at the Lucifer panel, when it was announced that Tricia Helfer will remain on the cast, and that Tom Welling will be joining the cast.


Teen Wolf’s Crystal Reed is joining the cast of Gotham as Sofia Falcone. This season will also see the opening of the Iceberg Lounge and the return of the Scarecrow.

At the DCTV Megapanel, we got our first glimpse of Odette Annable’s Reign from Supergirl. We learned that Adrian Pasdar is joining the cast as Morgan Edge. The big theme of season three is “What it means to be human”. Also announced were Jane the Virgin’s Yael Grobglas as classic Supergirl villain, Psi and that Carl Lumbly will return to the J’onnz family as M’yrnn J’onnz. Lumbly is best known to DC fans as the voice of the Martian Manhunter through bouth the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons.

Off in the future (or the past, who knows) with the Legends of Tomorrow team, it was announced that both Arthur Darvill and Wentworth Miller will be recurring guest stars in season three. Neal McDonough will be returning as Damien Darhk as a season three regular.

The CW’s newest show, Black Lightning announced two additions to the cast with Dexter’s James Remar  as Peter Gambi, one of Black Lightning’s oldest friends. The other addition to the cast is Bate’s Motel’s  Damon Gupton as Inspector Henderson.


For The Flash, we learned that season four’s villain, the Thinker – played by Neil Sandilands, will be aided by the Mechanic, played by Kim Englebrecht. We also learned that Danny Trejo will be appearing as Breacher, Gypsy’s father.

The CW Megapanel closed out with the show that started it all, Arrow. Arrow’s season finale left a lot up in the air, with just about every character in peril. As such the panel didn’t give anything away about them, but did reveal that Michael Emerson will be playing a mystery villain, and that Vigilante and Deathstroke are returning.

No matter your preference, DC Entertainment has a television show that might be up your alley. The San Diego schedule was packed with exciting news about all these shows, and the future looks bright for DC Television.

Cori McCreery

Cori McCreery

Cori is a life long comic nerd residing in Northern California. A life long Supergirl and DC Comics fan, she is the DC Comics Beat Reporter for Women Write About Comics.