• Queer Anime Fashion

    Queer Anime Fashion1

      Let’s talk about anime fashion that depicts queerness. Rather, let’s talk about anime fashion that evokes or depicts queerness while being worn by queer folks. This distinction’s importance is tantamount to the politicizing nature of the construct I’m going to discuss in this article; “Queer Anime Fashion.”

  • Triangulating Looks: Fashion, Beauty, & Style in Comics

    Triangulating Looks: Fashion, Beauty, & Style in Comics0

    Editor’s note: Sequential Sartorial was a column about the use of personal style to express character and context in comic book narratives. It was one I felt strongly about, but wasn’t one I managed to keep up. It was too easy to go negative, and too time-intensive to find really great examples of really communicative comic

  • Riverdale Fashion Report: Power-à-Porter

    Riverdale Fashion Report: Power-à-Porter0

    Fashion has a significant history in the Archie-verse. Straddling the line between slice of life and romance comics, Archie Comics have frequently featured the fashion spreads or pin-up pages of romance comics. Even as romance comics faded in popularity, Archie Comics long carried on the tradition. My very own ’90s Archie Comics, particularly the Betty

  • Being Seen Through Hawkeye’s Ponytail

    Being Seen Through Hawkeye’s Ponytail0

    As you may or may not know, my hair is just past my shoulders, and if it’s down (as in not tied up) there isn’t all that much I can successfully do without it ending up with it either my mouth, my eyes, or caught up in something. The potential for me doing anything particularly

  • DIY Geeky Gifts: Sparkly Hair Fascinators

    DIY Geeky Gifts: Sparkly Hair Fascinators0

    • December 21, 2016

    Looking to add a little sparkle to your holiday gift giving? Then these fun hair fascinators are for you. I originally delved into the world of hair fascinators as a fun way to be found across the convention floor. You can make them low-key for every day wear or, like me, as something fancy for

  • Geek Mystique: Lifestyle News for November

    Geek Mystique: Lifestyle News for November0

    November has been quite the month, hasn’t it? While I hope this column provides a brief reprieve from the current state of our political world, I do want to start with some resources for fighting the good fight.