• Pokémon Go: Is Anyone on Team Valor?

    Pokémon Go: Is Anyone on Team Valor?2

    Pokémon Go is sweeping the internet, and it’s no surprise. My Facebook feed is filled with screenshots of the game, interspersed with memes about the game, and people complaining about adults having fun. It hit just the right spot for nostalgia, and geocaching seems to finally have caught on with the younger generations. So, what

  • Apps We Love

    Apps We Love0

    This past month for lifestyle, we talked a lot about helpful and favorite apps. Both Melinda and Catie reviewed meditation apps, while Jessica talked about the productivity app Trello. At the beginning of the month, Ray reviewed Litsy, a book app. I then asked for a few more recommendations for apps we love, especially ones

  • Mom’N’Pop Culture: An App for the Mom-Beast

    Mom’N’Pop Culture: An App for the Mom-Beast0

    • June 1, 2016

    The other day I caught a rerun of Supernanny, a how-to reality television show hosted by a child rearing professional who teaches parents to deal with out-of-control children. Mostly, I can’t relate to the extreme issues suffered by these parents. When it comes to kids, I have really lucked out, but kids will be kids.

  • Headspace: The App To Make Meditating Simple?

    Headspace: The App To Make Meditating Simple?0

    • May 24, 2016

    The app Headspace, (available on both iOS and Android, promises a simple but enticing result: learn how to meditate by committing just ten minutes to the app over ten days. Once the beginner’s Take Ten program is finished, users will know the basic skills and value of mindfulness and be able to take on the

  • Comics’ Infinite Scroll: To The Rim and Beyond

    Comics’ Infinite Scroll: To The Rim and Beyond0

    The launch of Stela, a new comics app which publishes titles optimized for the downward scrolling function of smartphones, has kicked up some talk about Scott McCloud’s Reinventing Comics. Published in 2000 as a sequel to Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics considers the kinds of innovations that McCloud believed would advance the medium. He paid particular attention to

  • App Review: Promoting Productivity with Coffitivity

    App Review: Promoting Productivity with Coffitivity4

    • February 29, 2016

    If I had my way, I would not work in an office, but spend most of my day working from a coffee shop or cafe of some sort. I find the ambient noise to be just enough to keep me focused. The bustle of the staff, people entering and leaving, gentle murmuring as people work