• GoldenThread Tarot: The Future on Your Phone

    GoldenThread Tarot: The Future on Your Phone0

    The roots of tarot are as mysterious as the practice of modern divination itself. Though some claim that the practice can be traced back to ancient Kabbalah, there is no real evidence of this kind of usage. Several countries use tarot decks as simply playing cards. For those interested in interpreting the world around them

  • Geek Mystique: Lifestyle News for September

    Geek Mystique: Lifestyle News for September0

    It’s that time again! The Lifestyle section Editor’s–that would be me–monthly round-up of carefully curated (meaning stuff I like) geeky lifestyle links! Hide your wallet now.

  • App Review: Plant Nanny

    App Review: Plant Nanny1

    Plant Nanny Version: 1.9.2 Price: Free with in-app purchases By Fourdesire.com Available for iOS 7.0 or later, Android, and Windows Phone WWAC Writer, Kate Tanski, recently turned me on to the app Plant Nanny (which WWAC writer Kat Overland turned her on to!) when I was complaining about trying to ensure my daily water intake.