The Future Is Now With WAW Media

We Are Wakanda

We Are Wakanda (WAW) is an online community turned publishing company that works with fans and creators to explore afrofuturistic themes. In their goal to support diversity in science and sci-fi, they’ve decided to crowdfund their new subscription service to go along with the app they’re launching in the winter.

A portion of each subscription fee directly supports new projects via grants, sponsorships and scholarships (with an opt-in monthly email detailing the projects you helped fund!) Your subscription will also help you personally discover and support new creators by providing a curated mix of the latest news, on-demand content, and live event coverage.

The app would feature a news feed, videos, library, gallery, radio, shop, live streams and games (details on the indiegogo page) while the subscription would cost $1/month or $10/year (the $10 reward level would get you a year’s subscription). There’s exclusive content for subscribers and it honestly sounds like you’d be getting a lot for a decent cost. I’ve been watching We Are Wakanda for the last little while and they’ve been doing some really interesting things, so support their indiegogo if you can can!

It ends Tuesday, December 8th. 

Ardo Omer

Ardo Omer

Former WWAC editor. Current curmudgeon and Batman's personal assistant. Icon art by Diana Sim.