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Dash Dearborne and the Unexpected Earthman by Claire Napier, published by Bleating Heart Press

A New Chapter for WWAC

There are a lot of changes going on here at WWAC. Most notably, Megan Purdy, our founder and glorious leader is stepping down, along with editorial powerhouse, Claire Napier. They have built quite a legacy for the more than 300 writers who have wandered into  WWAC and found a home under their wise wings.

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Indiegogo Update: Stretch Goals and New Perks

  Okay, everyone. Hold on just one second. Take a deep breath, and then … THROW YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR AND DANCE! BECAUSE YOU DID IT! One week ago, we launched our very first Women Write About Comics fundraiser. Our goal is to turn our calling—writing about comics and culture from an intersectional feminist…

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Support WWAC On Indiegogo!

Women Write About Comics is finally crowdfunding and we need your help! We are looking to raise $3000 to turn our calling into a business. Independent comics criticism is an essential part of the comics marketplace: we don’t sell or promote comics but we do give them exposure, critical in-depth attention, and create a space…

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Editorial Team Changes! (GIFs)

Women Write About Comics is proud to announce that long time staff writer and Assistant Editor, Wendy Browne, has taken on additional duties as Weekend Editor. As Assistant Editor, Wendy is in charge of the copy team and supporting me in managing the site overall. As weekend editor she is now in charge of parties….

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Women Write About Comics does not tolerate bullying, harassment, or threats of violence. Our staff and regular contributors all sign a code of conduct which forbids such behaviour, and the editorial team in turn works to protect our writers from harassing comments and messages. Likewise, we condemn all threats to other members of the community, including…

Survey Alert: Young Reader Comics

Are you an editor or publisher of comics and graphic novels aimed at Young Readers ages 4-18? With the popularity of titles like Raina Telgemeier’s Smile, Marvel’s Ms. Marvel, IDW’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Jeff Smith’s Bone, young reader comics are gaining in variety and popularity. Engaging the upcoming generation of comic…