Happy Midnighter Week! Get a Free Copy of Midnighter: Out from WWAC!

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Hello Midnighter fans,

Starting February 17th, 12 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, Women Write About Comics will be giving away 5 free copies of Midnighter Vol. 1: Out by Steve Orlando and ACO.

Midnighter Vol. 1: Out cover by ACO
Midnighter Vol. 1: Out cover by ACO

To enter the giveaway, on February 17th you can:

  1. Visit our rafflecopter!
  2. Tweet this message at the @MidnighterWeek twitter account: “This #Midnighter fan wants a copy of the trade! Happy #MidnighterWeek !”
  3. Comment on this blog post!



Winners will be announced February 18th on the Midnighter Week twitter and tumblr as well as the Women Write About Comics twitter. The books will be shipped out within the week.

Watch the Midnighter Week and Women Write About Comics social media accounts today and the rest of the week for Midnighter Week fun!


Keep rocking,

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Ray Sonne

Ray Sonne

A comics reader since the first Raimi-directed Spider-Man movie, Ray now works as a copywriter. When not writing or training in Krav Maga, she likes to expand her queer comics knowledge and talk with fellow nerds on twitter @RaySonne.

16 thoughts on “Happy Midnighter Week! Get a Free Copy of Midnighter: Out from WWAC!

  1. I absolutely love Midnighter, and I have ever since I was introduced to him in Grayson. I went back and read just about anything that featured him in some way though I’m still trying to track down some back issues for The Authority: The Lost Year. This current series is great! More people should really give it a shot.

  2. I’m not sure my tweet can be entered since my account is private but I love Midnighter. Only read some of the Authority and Grayson/early Stormwatch so I’m really excited to see a more fleshed out version of the character. Any other midnighter suggestions that I might enjoy?

    1. Hey Lance!

      Garth Ennis and Chris Sprouse (as well as Glenn Fabry for one issue) created the Midnighter solo series back in the Wildstorm days. It’s very different from Steve and co.’s (for one, Midnighter is older, married, and more established), but the story is a lot of fun. I would also recommend checking out Midnighter #7 by Bryan K. Vaughan and Darick Robertson because that issue rivals Orlando & ACO’s #7 for one of the best issues created for the character ever.

      Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, & Simon Coleby’s The Authority “World’s End” and “Rule Brittania” run is also quite good. Features the team after a post-apocalyptic event and can be read without the context of the 10 years of comics prior to it.

      Happy reading!

  3. I love Midnighter and all that he stands for. He’s not your usual superhero, but he’s a good guy regardless. He’s also a major figure in gay representation in media. I’m so glad he’s taken off, he honestly deserves it! Steve Orlando is a truly enchanting writer, too. Couldn’t ask for anyone else to write Midnighter. I’d love to own his comic. Good luck to everyone!

  4. I did a swap with one of my friends, he lent me Batman and Robin and I read that, he agreed to try Midnighter… after I went on and on about why I loved it so much 🙂 Pester power works.

    (and I learned a lot about Dick Grayson in the process)

    1. Learning about Dick is a definite side-benefit to reading Midnighter! 😀 Thanks for partipating in our giveaway!

  5. I super, super, super love Midnighter and had always been a little hesitant to read the Authority after, like, Ellis left. But. I read the first issue or so of this series and, had I the money, would have totally kept up with it. It’s so good.

    1. I honestly think Steve, ACO, and the rest have created one of the best series with an Authority member after the Ellis/Hitch run. Even on its own, it’s so unique. Thanks for participating in our giveaway!

  6. Ray knows how I feel about superheroes (pfffffttttt), but she’s been hyping this series for so long now that, needless to say, I’m intrigued and would love to take a look at it.

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