• Buffalo Minotaurs! Or Buffalotaurs? Minoffalo?

    Buffalo Minotaurs! Or Buffalotaurs? Minoffalo?

    Manifest Destiny Chris Dingess, Matthew Roberts, Owen Gieni, and Pat Brousseau Image Comics Until reading this, I never gave Lewis and Clark much thought. There was that IMAX movie about their expedition a few years ago but it seemed like the whole thing was pretty dry. Just two guys walking slowly across the country with a

  • BookCon Gives Itself a New, Inclusive Look With Diverse Line Up

    BookCon Gives Itself a New, Inclusive Look With Diverse Line Up

    As we’ve reported in the past, BookCon experienced controversy the last few weeks due to its lack of diversity in its guest list, as well as with a kids lit panel that featured an all white male line up. Well, we have good news: BookCon has finally diversified! It only took a lot of angry tweets,

  • Top Ten Comic Book Geniuses

    Top Ten Comic Book Geniuses

    There are plenty of characters in the world of DC and Marvel who have powers to punch through steel reinforced walls, read minds, and fly—but what about good old ingenuity? How about the geniuses that help save the world or make it their life’s mission to destroy it? What is genius and what role does it

  • The New Wonder Woman and Greek Mythology

    The New Wonder Woman and Greek Mythology

    Wonder Woman’s current run is rich with greek mythology. Before, Diana was born from clay and her mother Hippolyta’s desire to have a daughter. In 2011, though, DC Comics revamped its entire universe, that now is called the New 52. In this new take on the character by writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang,

  • Sfé Monster talks about his genderqueer webcomics

    Sfé Monster talks about his genderqueer webcomics

    Sfé R. Monster is a cartoonist focused on the internet. With the help of social media, he has gathered around him an audience very concerned with queer and genderqueer issues. His readers want to see another side of the stories available in mainstream media. His previous works include Seven Stories From The Sea, a heartbreaking

  • TOONBooks: Interview with Francoise Mouly

    TOONBooks: Interview with Francoise Mouly

    For an excellent introduction to graphic novels, or heck, reading at all, TOON Books has you covered. TOON Books was founded by Françoise Mouly as an alternative to Easy Readers. For the uninitiated, Easy Readers are beginner level books that break dialogue and storyline down to the equivalent of caveman grunts. Think “see Spot run.

  • FCBD Review: DC Comics

    FCBD Review: DC Comics

    Future’s End #0, by Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen, Ethan Van Sciver, Patrick Zircher, Aaron Lopresti & Art Thibert, Dan Jurgens & Mark Irwin, and Jesus Merino & Dan Green “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” And then imagine someone

  • Con Diary: C2E2 Day 1

    This was my second time going to C2E2. Two years ago I boarded the shuttle to McCormick Place by myself, and without plans to meet anyone there, and I had a great time. This year I brought a friend, which just made it better. We stopped by M Burger to get appropriate fuel, then headed

  • Short & Sweet: Comics…in…SPAAAAACE!

    Short & Sweet: Comics…in…SPAAAAACE!

    Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #3 Zack Whedon, Georges Jeanty; Executive Producer Joss Whedon Dark Horse Comics Issues 1 and 2 have laid the foundation, but issue 3 is where were start to see the subplots come into play. With Zoe being held by the Alliance, River taps into her brain to see if there

  • FCBD Review: Archaia

    FCBD Review: Archaia

    Archaia Presents: Mouse Guard, Labyrinth, and Other Stories Mouse Guard: The Tale of the Axe Trio by David Petersen; Rust: Day 23 by Royden Lepp; Labyrinth: Rock Solid Friendship by Adam Smith and Kyla Vanderklugt; Bolivar: The Golden Door by Sean Rubin; Will O’ the Wisp: Missy’s Night Out by Tom Hammock and Megan Hutchison;

  • FCBD at Heroes Comics

    FCBD at Heroes Comics

    I was into comics as a kid but stopped reading them as I got older, until, that is, I started working at a roadside assistance call centre that was full of comic book fans. I bowed to peer pressure, went to Heroes (a nearby comic book store that I was familiar with), and bought my

  • FCBD Previews: Zombie Tramp (NSFW, TW: rape culture)

    FCBD Previews: Zombie Tramp (NSFW, TW: rape culture)

    I wasn’t really digging this book from the cover image featured on the FCBD site. We got a preview copy in our WWAC inbox, and I thought I’d give it a chance. When people inevitably say it’s not that bad, I need to know how far to curl my lip at them.

  • Cherry City ComiCon Provides Great Example of How NOT to do PR

    It is getting to the point, thankfully, where conventions make news when they do something, good or bad, that gets fandom’s attention. Cherry City ComiCon in Salem, Oregon has joined that fraternity, but unfortunately, as a bad example. What has already gone viral — it was trending on Twitter as of April 29th — is that Chana W.

  • Diversity Doesn’t Mean Talking About John Green… Again

    BookCon was yet again in the news this past Tuesday but not in the way you would be expecting. The Daily Dot, an online site focused on community news, has written a piece on the issue of diversity over at BookCon but rather than shinning the spotlight on the authors of colour who’ve been speaking out since

  • FCBD: Page 45

    FCBD: Page 45

    Stephen Holland, Page45, Nottingham Eisner nominated for good reason, Page 45 is a revelation for many of its visitors. Stylish, welcoming, mature — and that’s just the furniture. People travel internationally to visit Page 45, and I don’t blame them. Big name signings, chances taken on independent creators, regular reviews of graphic releases of all genres on

  • Greg Pak Seeds The Clouds With Hashtag #WhyILoveStorm

    Greg Pak Seeds The Clouds With Hashtag #WhyILoveStorm

    A tiny blurb in Previews magazine created a tempest  over Storm #1 – a series fans have been a long time waiting for. Series writer Greg Pak expressed why this means so much to him, “I’ve loved Storm since I was a kid biking down to Lone Star Comics in North Dallas to stare in