• X-Men Book Club: Justice for Madelyne Pryor

    X-Men Book Club: Justice for Madelyne Pryor1

    Madelyne Pryor first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #168 as a seemingly normal woman who bore an uncanny (ha) resemblance to the dead X-Man Jean Grey. Jean’s lover Cyclops rushed to marry Madelyne and had a child with her, but abandoned them both when Jean returned from the dead. Madelyne allied herself with the X-Men for

  • Adoption Papers for Rahne Sinclair

    Adoption Papers for Rahne Sinclair1

    New Mutants #1, in addition to being a great issue in its own right, had a very important highlight: like other mutants, Rahne Sinclair is alive again. That brings us to an important point of discussion regarding her: She’s ours now. By ‘ours’, of course, I mean that she belongs to trans people. You may

  • Breaking In! Daredevil #261

    Breaking In! Daredevil #2610

    Daredevil #261 Ann Nocenti (writer), John Romita Jr. (penciler), Joe Rosen (letterer), Al Williamson (inker), and Greg Wright (colourist) Marvel Comics December 1988 Before I watched any of the Daredevil Netflix show, I knew two things about Matt Murdock from my comic friends. First, at one point in time he fights a vacuum cleaner, and second, he