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Banner: Bee and Puppycat #2, Natasha Allegri

Staff Picks for July: Comics

Black Science Rick Remender (W) Matteo Scalera (A) Image Comics Black Science will return on July 30th after a three month break following the completion of the first story arc. Issue #6 left off with Grant McKay encountering a duplicate of himself from another aspect of the multiverse, rescuing his own children from said duplicate,…

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Review: Turtles in Time #1

Turtles in Time Paul Allor (W) Erik Burnham (W) Ross Campbell (A) IDW Publishing Turtles in Time #1 is everything that turtle fans adore about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: action-packed fight scenes, sassy Turtle one-liners, and dinosaur punching. The first issue of the mini-series wastes no time throwing the Turtles and readers alike into an…

Retro Review: Marvels

I’ve always loved Alex Ross. If ever I’m rich there’s a few things I’ll do: buy cool flats in London, Paris, New York, and Toronto, donate large sums of money to worthwhile causes and churches, attempt to visit fifty-two countries in a year, and buy a tonne of Alex Ross artwork. The privilege of seeing a…