Author: Zora Gilbert

A crop of the cover to Marvel Rising: Squirrel Girl/Ms. Marvel #1. Squirrel Girl and Ms Marvel hold video game controllers, their heads leaning towards each other. Marvel Rising: Squirrel Girl/Ms. Marvel #1. G. Willow Wilson, Ryan North, Devin Grayson (writers); Ramon Bachs, Irene Strychalski (artists), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist), Clayton Cowles (letterer). July 2018. Cover by Gurihiru.

Marvel Rising: Reading Order #1

Marvel Rising is a new “multi-platform franchise” from Marvel, featuring two of their biggest young adult darlings: Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl. Part of the project is a 5-issue team-up miniseries, following the two young heroes as they dash across college campuses and do an endearingly bad job of keeping their identities secret from each…