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    Rachel Stevens

    Staff Writer. Rachel J Stevens is a transgender woman living in Seattle, Washington, originally from Michigan. She loves science fiction, music, bright colors, and combinations thereof. She spends entirely too much time reading on the internet and thinking about robots.

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  • Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease Overview

    Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease Overview0

    It was with heavy heart that I donned my Abzan clan shirt and pins as an act of defiance towards the events of the Tarkir block in Magic: The Gathering’s latest series of expansions. Dragons have returned from extinction to the plane of Tarkir thanks to a time traveling meddler named Sarkhan Vol, and while

  • Transformers 101 with Professor Rachel Stevens

    Transformers 101 with Professor Rachel Stevens2

    So! You’ve heard that the IDW Transformers comics are fantastic and want to get into them, but aren’t sure how. This particular universe has been around for nearly ten years, and there’s a lot of possible entry points. I’d be glad to elucidate and pleased if you’d give them a shot. I promise that they’re

  • Windblade Returns in Transformers: Combiner Wars

    Windblade Returns in Transformers: Combiner Wars0

    In 2014, artist Sarah Stone and writer Mairghread Scott brought a brand new character to life in the Transformers comics, through the Transformers: Windblade miniseries. Its four issues saw Windblade, an idealistic and pacifistic woman, try to help the planet of Cybertron with the aid of her fellow robot from Caminus, Chromia. At the same

  • James Roberts on IDW’s Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

    James Roberts on IDW’s Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye1

    James Roberts, writer and mastermind, talks robots, disguises, and the scope and humanity of IDW’s Cybertronian comics universe. Robot gender, robot psychology, and entry points for new readers — this sprawling conversation with WWAC staffer, Rachel Stevens, has it all. — Megan