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Alice Grove comicAlice Grove

Jeph Jacques
Updates: Twice A Week

We don’t know a whole lot about Alice Grove yet, but Jeph Jacques is the guy behind the wildly popular Questionable Content. That name brings trust with it. So far, not misplaced. Alice Grove is a little town in the middle of nowhere, it looks like. A sleepy little farming village.

Except for Alice. The townsfolk seem to think she’s a witch, and at least one of them refers to her as such. They come to her with all their problems, from the mundane to the unusual. The most unusual problem turns out to be Ardent — an obnoxious blue teenager who says he’s from outer space. Alice has no patience with him, despite how cute he is.  The story is just kicking into gear now, so it’s a good jumping on point.

Jacques’ art is as beautiful and vibrant here as it is on his original comic (and the two are updating together now). Alice is a stern, solemn woman with a dark side.  The townspeople are sort of timid, but given Alice in comparison to their normal experiences, I guess I can’t blame them.


Wilde Life comic Wilde Life

Pascalle Lepas
Updates: Twice A Week

Another comic alumnus here. Pascalle Lepas was the artist of the recently ended space opera Zap!.  She has brought her talents quite literally down to earth for this new venture, but that doesn’t mean she’s sticking with the mundane. Oscar Wilde (yes, he knows he shares the name with a famous writer, thanks) is a twenty-something writer who seems to have gotten a wild hair, answered an ad on Craigslist to rent a house, and spontaneously moved to Oklahoma.

Oscar moves into his new home only to discover it’s haunted — by the most polite ghost ever. As if that weren’t bad enough, his neighbor’s son, angsty and surly teen Clifford, has a unique problem that matches his hair. Pascalle’s art has really become amazing since she began Zap! — the forest and plains setting of Oklahoma is nothing short of breathtaking.


Cucumber Quest comicCucumber Quest

Gigi D.G.
Planned to update 4 times a week from January – June 2015, 3 times a week the rest of the year

Cucumber Quest is an adorable, all ages fantasy webcomic set in a world of rabbit people, where the reluctant protagonist Cucumber and his sister Almond have been tasked by the Dream Oracle to stop the Nightmare Knight and his Disaster Masters. Proudly admitting to influences from video game series like Paper Mario and Kirby, Gigi illustrates an inclusive tale which subverts certain fantasy tropes with lovely supersaturated colors. I cannot overstate how cute this comic is, nor how perfect it’d be for showing a kid.  I wish it had been around when I was growing up.


Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens

Staff Writer. Rachel J Stevens is a transgender woman living in Seattle, Washington, originally from Michigan. She loves science fiction, music, bright colors, and combinations thereof. She spends entirely too much time reading on the internet and thinking about robots.