Tips for Your Kickstarter Campaign

Over the past year, I’ve perused thousands of Kickstarter campaign pages, looking for interesting projects for our Kickstarter of the Week feature. From a reporter’s perspective, there are projects that catch my eye, but then lack enough material for me to cover them.

For 2015, help me promote your amazing projects! I may not be able to write about all of them, but following the tips on this list will help make you a contender.


I need images! Images are attention grabbers for readers and they really are must haves when writing about projects. Women Write About Comics, like so many other sites, sets a featured image or banner with each story. Make my job easier by including a couple on your campaign page. Bonus points for projects that include a pretty banner image.

Want an example? Check out Battle Chef Brigade

 Your Twitter handle

Seriously, this should be a no-brainer. Twitter gives you instant gratification when someone retweets or mentions you in a tweet. For example, if I write a story and include your Twitter handle, you’ll see it in your notifications. Then you can share the word about stories written about your project.

Want an example? Check out Flamecon


I feel responsible for the recommendations I make to our readers, so I’m going to do some due diligence. If you’re asking for $25,000, you bet I’m checking out your website and About section for more information about you and those involved. If you’re just starting out, that’s fine but take a paragraph to explain your qualifications or how the funds will be used.

Want an example? Check out RPG Dice for the Visually Impaired

Project team bios

Bios and team bios help me quickly and easily identify if your team might resonate with our readers. When you set up your Kickstarter account, you need to set up a bio, but if your project includes more than one person, consider adding a section for team bios on your campaign page. Photos add a nice touch!

Want an example? Check out Words Are Power

Backer rewards with personality

This one’s personal taste. When I’m writing about a project, I like to see a little personality in the backer rewards. Backers like to feel part of the process and projects with at least interesting reward catch my eye.

Want an example? Check out Curvy Cosplay


These are my thoughts on how to make your campaign more media-friendly. If you’re interesting in learning about the logistics of running a campaign, there are some amazing resources out there, including the Let’s Kickstart a Comic ebook from Iron Circus Comics. Have a media-friendly tip of your own? Feel free to share it in the comments below.

Keep those creative idea and project campaigns coming. I look forward to reading them all!

Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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