Author: Paige Sammartino

Screencap from "Tweek X Craig" ("I like gay Craig") / South Park, season 19, episode 6 / episode first aired 10/28/15 on Comedy Central / episode written and directed by Trey Parker

Tweek X Craig: A Message to Parents of LGBTQ Kids

This past season, South Park caused a stir, reaching out to their viewers in search of fanart—specifically fanart of the popular pairing of Tweek Tweak and Craig Tucker—to be featured in an upcoming episode. The result was “Tweek X Craig,” and in true South Park fashion, it combined an over-the-top scenario with thoughtful social commentary, parodying slash fandom and supporting…

cosplay, fashion, costume banner

Fashion Comics! Fashion SUPERHEROINE Comics? Let’s Talk About This

The world of fashion isn’t always one explored in superhero comics, but recently many writers and artists are changing that. Whether it’s designing and sewing superhero (or supervillain!) costumes, or juggling fighting crime and working in fashion, comics are exploring the industry and mechanics of garmentry. We looked at Scarlett Couture from Titan (previously covered by Wendy), Heroine Chic,…

Screencap from Ace Attorney: Justice for All (Capcom, Nintendo DS, 2006) / image retrieved from

Death and the Family in Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney, a franchise revolving around murder mysteries and courtroom antics, may be best known for its name puns (“Oh really, Ms. Orly?”), shout-outs (“It’s only a flesh wound, Mr. Wright!”), and absurd gambits for catching murderers (“I would like to cross-examine the witness’s pet parrot!”). Yet the series still manages to deliver poignant commentary…