Day: February 9, 2016

Screencap from "Tweek X Craig" ("I like gay Craig") / South Park, season 19, episode 6 / episode first aired 10/28/15 on Comedy Central / episode written and directed by Trey Parker

Tweek X Craig: A Message to Parents of LGBTQ Kids

This past season, South Park caused a stir, reaching out to their viewers in search of fanart—specifically fanart of the popular pairing of Tweek Tweak and Craig Tucker—to be featured in an upcoming episode. The result was “Tweek X Craig,” and in true South Park fashion, it combined an over-the-top scenario with thoughtful social commentary, parodying slash fandom and supporting…

Incredible Indie Tuesday: Jazz, Video Games, and WWII Spies All Coming to Auto-Bio Comics in 2016

Does anyone else feel like biographical comics are overlooked in the world of comics media?  Obviously, auto-bio comic memoirs are some of the major big-hitters that have become literary staples like Maus or Persepolis, but biographical works written by other people don’t carry the same clout.  I get the feeling that’s slowly changing, because there are a…