Tuskegee Heirs: A Thing I Can Get Behind (And Did)

A little over a month ago, WWAC posted an interview with Tuskegee Heirs creators Greg Burnham and Marcus Williams. They hadn’t launched their Kickstarter yet, and the concept was still more concept than product, but the two were more than willing to share about their vision, their goals, and their inspiration.

After a nice push on social media, the Kickstarter opened on January 14.

And the world spoke.

This adorable image was posted on the Facebook page less than eight hours after the Kickstarter...kicked off!
This adorable image was posted on the Facebook page less than eight hours after the Kickstarter…kicked off!

In less than eight hours, they had reached their initial goal. The idea of five young, intelligent, black people, men and women, who have adventures and save the world spoke to so many people, and we can even assume that there is a portion of the nearly ONE THOUSAND backers they have with ten days to go who are not black. The presence of such heroes is one that we need in these days, when we actually seem to have fewer positive black role models on television and in film than we did in the nineties when I was growing up.

It didn’t stop there. Burnham and Williams have been doing some serious planning, and have distinct uses for each of their very-achievable stretch goals. They even have concept art for a mobile game. They have t-shirt designs and 3-D printed bust concepts. They’re doing this, y’all.

Tuskegee Heirs by Greg Burnham and Marcus Williams https://www.facebook.com/tuskegeeheirs/In that two and a half weeks since they opened, they have reached their fourth of seven stretch goals, bringing in just over $45,000 of their severely-stretch $75,000 goal for an animated pilot, with their eyes on a long term series.

I will be completely open with you; I backed the hell out of this. I ate soup for three weeks straight, but I want this to succeed to the farthest extent possible. (I also want two prints so I can cover my desk in Marcus Williams’ gorgeous artwork.) It’s wonderful to know that there are people just as excited as I am, whether they are drawn in by the concept, the fabulous artwork, the connection to the great Tuskegee Airmen, or just the idea of two smart black men with a dream.  And the fact that an ambitious project inspired by one of the bravest groups of men in modern history is going to come to success and initial fruition during Black History Month is just icing on the cake.


Let’s make this happen.

Jessica Pryde

Jessica Pryde

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