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    Kayleigh Hearn

    Still waiting for her Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters acceptance letter. Bylines also at Deadshirt, Ms-En-Scene, The MNT, PanelxPanel, and Talk Film Society.

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  • WWAC’s Favorite Big Press Comics of 2018

    WWAC’s Favorite Big Press Comics of 20180

    Well, the corpses of Christmas Trees are littering the sidewalk and all the champagne bottles have been popped, so as we usher in 2019 it seems the perfect time for quiet reflection. But not on New Year’s Resolutions, silly. On comic books! WWAC has rounded up its contributors to share their favorite big press comics

  • Cover Girl: Red Sonja #25

    Cover Girl: Red Sonja #252

    Welcome to Cover Girl. Each month, we gather a team of WWAC contributors to analyze a new and notable comic book cover featuring one or more women. This month, Lisa, Claire, Kayleigh, Amanda, Laura, and Louis discuss Erica Henderson’s variant cover of Red Sonja #25.

  • All I Want For Christmas is Doop: Merry X-Men Holiday Special

    All I Want For Christmas is Doop: Merry X-Men Holiday Special0

    Merry X-Men Holiday Special #1 Various Artists and Writers, VC’s Travis Lanham (Letterer) Marvel Comics December 5, 2018 “Hot claws roasting over an open fire, Iceman nipping at your nose…” What’s your favorite holiday special? Does your family gather every year for A Charlie Brown Christmas, or A Rugrats Chanukah? Have you re-watched Christmas at

  • The Wedding Issue: Johnny Storm and “Alicia Masters”

    The Wedding Issue: Johnny Storm and “Alicia Masters”0

    Aside from “Who would win in a fight?” no debate gets comic fans more heated than the question of whether or not superheroes should marry. In this mini-feature, former Bride Rebecca Henely-Weiss and Bride-to-Be Kayleigh Hearn take a trip down memory lane to the most significant times comic companies took the plunge and got their