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    Kat Overland

    Copyeditor Kat Overland is a displaced Texan now living in Washington, DC, where she is perpetually behind on reading her pull list. A millennial Latina, she can be seen casually cosplaying America Chavez and interrogating texts via queer & disability theory.

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  • Small Press Bites: Faves of 2017 Edition

    Small Press Bites: Faves of 2017 Edition2

    Another year has come to a close, and in-between experiencing an existential despair heretofore unknown to me, I read a bunch of great comics. And so did our bevy of wonderful writers! And some of those comics happened to come from small presses, indie creators, self-publishing, and the internet. We’ve written up a collection of

  • Making a Spectacle with Megan Rose Gedris

    Making a Spectacle with Megan Rose Gedris0

    Megan Rose Gedris (handle: Rosalarian) has been doing this comics thing for a long time—her first webcomic, YU+ME: dream, debuted in 2004, and she’s been creating ever since then, with the sadly now offline pulp comic I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space, erotic tales like Darlin’ It’s Betta Down Where It’s Wetta on Filthy Figments, and a