Previously on Comics: Image United, Indeed

Congratulations on dragging yourself through the first week or so of 2022. It’s been challenging, all of it, I know but look, a bunch of cool stuff happened too! 


Cool zine news!

Danny Caine, the owner of Raven Bookshop in Lawrence, Kansas and creator of the zine ‘How To Resist Amazon and Why’ which explains exactly how Amazon is harming independent shops was featured in The New Yorker.


Cool hiring news!

Image Comics has hired Lorelei Bunjes as Director of Digital Services, effective immediately. Bunjes has previously worked at IDW as Vice President of Technology and Information Services, and at Wildstorm Productions/DC Comics.


Cool shark tank news!

Geiszel Godoy, comic book writer and co-owner of Black Sands Entertainment has been selected to pitch Shark Tank for investment. Black Sands Entertainment was founded in 2016 with the intention of providing opportunities for stories about African American greatness that were typically hidden from popular media. 


Cool union news!

In a historic first for the comics industry, Image Comics workers have voted in favor of unionizing

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