Titan Comics PUBWATCH: November 2021

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My head is still spinning that (as of the date I’m writing this), we only have five weeks left in the year.  Wasn’t it just yesterday we were in January? But five more weeks in the year is still five more New Comic Book Day Tuesday/Wednesdays for your reading pleasure!

This month, we return to the world of Doctor Who with Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf #1 and check in with Life is Strange: Settling Dust #2 as we inch towards the finale of Max and Chloe’s long and complicated love story.

Titan Comics News and Announcements

November and December 2021 Release Schedule

Since we’re publishing these columns closer to the end of the month now, we will start including release schedules for the upcoming month along with the titles released in the current month.  Please note release dates are always subject to change and are accurate at the time of writing, especially as supply chain issues continue to wreak havoc on the comics industry.

November 2021

    • Cutting Edge Vol. 1: November 2nd
    • Blade Runner 2029 #9: November 3rd
    • Life is Strange Vol. 5: Coming Home: November 3rd
    • Smart Girl: November 9th
    • Dark Souls: The Complete Collection: November 9th
    • Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation #3: November 10th
    • Life is Strange: Settling Dust #2: November 10th
    • Ms. Tree: The Cold Dish Vol. 3: November 16th
    • Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla Vol. 2: November 16th
    • Blade Runner: Origins #8: November 17th
    • Assassin’s Creed: Bloodstone Collection: November 17th
    • Gun Honey #3: November 17th
    • Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf #1: November 17th
    • Snowpiercer Vol. 1 -3 (Boxed Set): November 23rd
    • ExtraOrdinary Vol. 1: November 23rd
    • Rivers of London Vol. 9: Monday Monday: November 30th]
    • Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla Vol. 2: November 30th

December 2021

    • Blade Runner 2029 #10: December 1st
    • Robotech Archives: The Sentinels Vol. 2: December 13th
    • Rivers of London Vols. 4-6 (Boxed Set): December 14th
    • Flash Gordon Dailies: Austin Briggs: Radium Mines of Electra Vol. 8: December 14th
    • Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf #1: December 15th
    • Gun Honey #4: December 15th
    • Cowboy Bebop #1: December 22nd
    • Life is Strange: Settling Dust #3: December 22nd
    • The Official Horizon Zero Dawn Peach Momoko Poster Portfolio: December 28th
    • Assassin’s Creed: Bloodstone Collection: December 28th
    • Blade Runner 2029 Vol. 2: Echoes: December 29th

Titan Comics February 2022 Solicitations

Titan Comics’ Valentine’s gifts to readers this year concentrate on the core of their line: Blade Runner, Doctor Who, and Cowboy Bebop.  The Blade Runner title in the spotlight for February is Blade Runner: Origins, with issue #9 dropping on February 16th.  But if you need to catch up, you can pick up a trade of issues #5-8 two weeks prior that feature covers by Robert Hack.  But Blade Runner 2029 also continues in February with issue #12 coming on February 2nd. Ash will be on the run again as Yotun’s followers are on the hunt for her — and they want her very much dead.

The latest Doctor Who comic, Doctor Who: Empire of The World, will wrap up on February 9th.  Will the Bad Wolf Empress see her reign end?  And the Cowboy Bebop crew continue their pursuit for the vest that provides unlimited luck with issue #3 on February 2nd.

Magazine readers also have a new Star Trek Explorer magazine to look forward to on February 2nd, focusing on the Borg.  And while it won’t be out until May, fans of The Mandalorian have a new guide to season 2 to look forward to, dropping on a very appropriate day: May 4th.

Please note release dates are subject to change, particularly if supply chain issues continue to affect the comics industry.

Art Preview of Cowboy Bebop #2

A dark haired woman, wearing a maroon leather jacket, yellow top, and black shorts points a gun to someone offscreen to the right. She has an angry look on her face. The wall behind her is riddled with scratches and bullet holes.
The cover to Cowboy Bebop #2, drawn by Claudia Ianniciello

Hey space cowboys (and cowgirls), we have a sneak peek at the cover of the second issue of Cowboy Bebop, dropping on January 22, 2022.  Two of the covers lean into the aesthetic of the opening scenes of the anime, while the third features a scene from the live-action Netflix series.  We have a preview of the cover by Life is Strange artist Claudia Ianniciello above.  Andie Tong (The Legend of Shang-Chi) will provide the main cover for the issue.

What I’m Reading

We keep moving towards a Max and Chloe reunion in Life is Strange: Settling Dust #2, and we welcome back Doctor Who to comics with Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf #1!

(Note that our reviews may contain spoilers, so proceed carefully!)

Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf #1
Jody Houser (writer), Roberta Ingranata (artist), Warnia K. Sahadewa (colorist), Comicraft’s Richard Starkings (letterer)
November 10, 2021

The Eighth Doctor and the Eleventh Doctor, two White men, are tied up with some sort of electricially-charged rope. They stare at each other with a hopeless gaze. In a throne, a blond woman contemplates the scene while holding their sonic screwdrivers.
Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf #1 by Jody Houser and Roberta Ingranata

Doctor Who fans know that Rose Tyler left the Doctor to live in a parallel universe with her family, including the Tenth Doctor. But what happened after that?  In this series, companionship and motherhood bring Rose peace and joy.

It’s not all peaceful, though. While Rose deals with the identity crisis many parents face, she’s also seeing disturbing visions.  While she’s trying to make sense of them, something pulls her back to the beach where she becomes the warrior Rose. She does retain her memories of that quieter life, though — as disturbing to her as her other visions. Lucky for her a Doctor, Eighth Doctor Paul McGann, drops in and promises to bring Rose home.  Meanwhile, the Eleventh Doctor — enjoying the peace of a quiet TARDIS — lands on a desert-type planet, but the aliens he finds there aren’t in the mood for combat.  They’re there at the behest of an old friend and they want to take him to . . . Rose Tyler.

It will be interesting to see how Houser builds up this Doctor, who is new to many fans.  Will she lean on what’s come in previous media, or take this Doctor that is essentially a blank slate and create something new? Knowing Houser’s body of work, I expect to see a little bit of both.

The Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor we see here is one who has just lost Amy and Rory to the Weeping Angels.  And while he’s reveling in the peace and quiet, remember that he was quite traumatized by their departure. I do expect to see that touched upon in some way. Perhaps a reunion with Rose could prove the means to process that grief.

This series welcomes a new colorist to the team, Warnia K. Sahadewa. She brings the eye for high fantasy that she brought to the Shades of Magic series. But the colorwork here feels subdued.  I’m hoping she gets a chance to experiment with color and hue in future issues.  For now, in an issue that sets the building blocks for the story, the restraint is acceptable. I’m also hoping to see the same kind of creative boundlessness from Claudia Leonardi, who does well with bringing detail to London street scenes with the Eighth Doctor, but whose aliens seem boilerplate compared to previous work.

Paul McGann’s Doctor had the shortest lifespan on TV but has had a rich life in other media. This series looks to continue that tradition and bring in a whole new generation of fans.

Life is Strange: Settling Dust #2
Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt (letterer) Andrea Izzo (colorist), Claudia Leonardi (artist), Richard Starkings (letterer), Emma Vieceli (writer)
November 10, 2021

Max, a brunette White woman, wearing khaki shorts, a pink shirt, and denim jacket, stands in front of a swirling ocean with a determined look on her face. To her left is the face of Chloe, and to her right are the faces of Chloe and Rachel in an amorous embrace.
Life is Strange: Settling Dust #2 by Emma Vieceli and Claudia Leonardi

The Life is Strange adventure began on November 14, 2018 – and nearly three years to the day, Max and Chloe are back together again.  With the help of Tristan, Max has untangled her time stream, bringing her back to her Chloe and leaving the Chloe she left with Rachel.  The storms have passed and it’s time for an arts festival and some music of the High Seas, as all the friends in all the universes savor the joy of companionship and reunion.

The first half of the issue shows the process that it took for Max and Chloe to see each other again, diving deep into Max’s psyche and that space between the worlds.  Throughout the Life is Strange word, color has provided subtle symbolism. And here is no exception, though it is actually the absence of color.  As Tristan and Max bridge the universes, that transitional space is white, with organic watercolor windows looking in on the various lives at their disposal.  Max and Tristan are also all clothed in white, and for the first time, we see a fully-realized Tristan, opaque in his inks and colors.  They marvel at the choices before them, but know where they belong — and for Tristan, that is in this between space.

Life is Strange is a series that traffics in and elevates the use of metaphor to explain its metaphysical concepts.  And the opening page is no exception, using a simple story of untangling yarn to explain the task Max and Tristan have ahead of them. (I’m also a knitter, so you can imagine I did love this metaphor for other reasons!) The multiple timelines can be confusing enough for the reader, and bringing in complex explanations would have made things even more so.

Although it seems Max and Chloe have their happy ending, there are still two issues left.  What curveballs will life and the universe throw them next?

Kate Kosturski

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