Previously On Comics: Man, It’s A Short One

It’s not a joke. It really is a short one. Look.

This week DC Comics announced and launched their first Webtoon, Batman: Wayne Family Adventures and it’s really good. Yes, I know this is supposed to be news, not reviews but seeing as I have a captive audience right now you may as well know that I, personally, thought it was very cute. Do with this information what you will. Batman: Wayne Family Adventures is created by Starbite, CRC Payne, Maria Li, Lan Ma, Kielamel Sibal, C. M. Cameron, Camille Cruz, and Jean Kim and is available on Webtoon

That’s really the only thing I care to talk about, mostly because it’s kind of the only thing that happened. I mean, Marvel did announce that they will no longer be working with artist Joe Bennett (lol), but don’t you think we as a species have wasted enough time discussing his bigoted skinbag? Yeah, same.

Well, that’s all for this week. Take it easy, friends. 

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