Last Week’s Episode: Oh Hi Space Cowboy

Last Week's Episode

Welcome back to Last Week’s Episode kind readers! This time around we’ve got a ton of wild movie and TV news, including the long awaited arrival of Netflix’s John Cho led Cowboy Bebop adaptation. So without further ado let’s jump in.

Cool TV News

Years after #StarringJohnCho set Twitter ablaze we’ve finally got our first look at the beloved actor in what may become his most iconic role. Yes, Netflix has finally unleashed the first images of their live-action adaptation of Shinichirō Watanabe’s Cowboy Bebop. Along with Cho, we got our first peeks at Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black and Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine. We also got a look at space’s best dog, Ein. All we really want to know though is WHERE IS ED? We’re still waiting on that key piece of casting, but now the first images and a release day of November 19th have dropped we’ll likely get more news soon.

More anime adaptations are on the way with the news that manga Drops of God will get a French-Japanese live action TV series. In the announcement the show was described thus, “The story involves a woman who discovers that her estranged father has left her the world’s greatest wine collection in his will. But, to claim her inheritance she must compete against a Japanese man who her father regarded as a son and may have been more.” Sounds pretty intriguing to us — including the gender and race changes in the casting! Legendary will be distributing in the US [Anime News Network]

In news that is definitely not shocking to disabled people around the world, “TV has failed disabled people. Utterly and totally.” That’s according to Enola Holmes writer Jack Thorne who is calling for a quota to redress the lack of disability representation in UK TV. [Variety]

The Russo Brothers are OUT at the Netflix animated Magic the Gathering series. But Jeff Cline and a new creative team, including the fantastic Taneka Stotts are taking over. Kline stated “I’m grateful to the Russos for bringing me into the world of Magic: The Gathering – specifically, over dinner at one of their go-to Cleveland restaurants. Magic is one of those rare intellectual properties with such a wellspring of mythology that ‘picking and choosing’ is half the battle.”  [Deadline]

Speaking of Magic: The Gathering we also got our first casting announcement. Ex-Superman and ex-Atom Brandon Routh will be taking on the lead role of the Warrior Mage Gideon. According to EW, his character is “fiercely loyal, unyielding, just, and charismatic,” in the official Wizards of the Coast bio. “The Planeswalker, a term for this world’s magic users, hails from the plane Theros and maintains the ability to make himself invulnerable.”

After the recent announcement that AMC would be adapting multiple Anne Rice properties, we’ve gotten our first casting reveal for Interview with the Vampire. Jacob Anderson of Game of Thrones fame will take on the role of Louis. The plantation owner turned vampire was made famous by Brad Pitt in the iconically gay vampire flick of the same name. How is this all going to turn out…? Well we shall see as more official information drops. [THR]

Cool Film News

In news we didn’t have on our 2021 bingo card Jughead’s brother Dylan Sprouse is starring in a massive Wuxia epic. The Curse of Turandot looks pretty wild and is loosely based on the Puccini opera of the same name. The martial arts spectacular also stars Guan Xiaotong, Hu Jun, Jiang Wen, and Sophie Marceau. In case you aren’t familiar with the opera or the 2018 film–which is just getting its release now–the story is as follows: “Princess Turandot (Guan Xiaotong) is cursed at birth, due to the power that radiates from her three bracelets. Instead of simply answering her riddles or facing death, Turandot’s foreign suitors attempt to break the curse that drains her of kindness and humanity as she ages. In this version, Calaf (Dylan Sprouse) is an ordinary citizen who falls in love with the princess, and is determined to break the curse.”

It’s finally here! After much waiting and theorizing and rumoring and leaking, the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer arrived online and it’s a lot of fun. It all begins with Peter reeling from Mysterio’s final act reveal to the world in Far From Home that Spider-Man is the cheeky highschooler. Peter’s world has been turned upside down and he’s desperate to change things which sets him on the path to Doctor Strange. There he requests a dangerous favor from the Sorcerer Supreme: make the world forget he’s Spider-Man. As you can imagine it doesn’t go well and soon we’re seeing multiversal mayhem and those villains everyone’s been waiting for. No Tobey or Garf Spider-Men yet but we’ll surely see them soon.

Netflix is continuing to build its impressive animated movie portfolio with a new movie from the director of Book of Life. Maya and the Three follows “a Mesoamerican-inspired warrior princess embarks on a quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save humanity from the vengeful gods of the underworld.” Looks cool as hell!

In one of the scariest and possibly most questionable marketing techniques in a while the official Candyman website provided viewers with the chance to see a new trailer, but only if they headed to and said Candyman five times. It’s a no from us. Though we’re sure the trailer is really cool as Nia DaCosta is rad as hell… but also we will never say his name five times, we just appreciate being alive too much for that.

In a wonderful interview with the LA Times, Anya Taylor-Joy continued to be a complete joy whilst also revealing she’s working on a new project with Robert Eggers… an adaptation of Nosferatu. Sounds like a match made in heaven to us. [LA Times]

In Loving Memory

In a tragic post on Instagram actor Edgar Ramírez (Jungle Cruise, Yes Day, The Undoing) shared a devastating update about the deaths of multiple family and friends to Covid in his home country of Venezuela. He urged people who have access to the vaccine — that his family did not — to get the shot. [NBC]

Actress Marilyn Eastwood passed away at age 87 this past week. Best known for her role as Helen Cooper in Night of the Living Dead,  she was also a co-founder of the film’s production company, Image Ten Inc. [EW]

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