Previously On Comics: Welcome to Hot Dog Month

Pride month is over and now we must sink into the warm embrace of hotdog month. Yes, hot dog month is here again. However, regardless of how hungry I am at the time of writing, now is no time for hot dogs. Now is time for news!

Still Proud

This week, comic book writer and WWAC’s favourite unit of measurement Al Ewing published a beautiful essay in which he comes out as bisexual. We are all very happy for him and wish him the best.

Vault Comics committed to continuing to celebrate queer comics beyond pride month with a statement from their editor-in-chief, along with an Introduction To Queer Comics, and a rotating sale benefitting The Trevor Project.

Help Wanted

Silver Sprocket Store suffered a robbery and is asking for help in getting hold of a recent computer (ideally with a big screen) and an Android tablet. They are also moving to a larger location soon so will be needing help with the relocation and the installation of a new floor. You can find out more on Floating World Comics Twitter.

Quick Hits

  • Six posthumous recipients will receive the 2021 Bill Finger Award for Excellence in Comic Book Writing.
  • Comic book sales in North America rose to $1.28 billion in 2020, a 6% increase in 2019.