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With convention season officially back in full swing, whether virtually or in-person, there’s lots going on.

Blerdcon’s cosplay contest fell into controversy when the top prize was awarded to a white cosplayer. Blerd — meaning “Black nerd” — implies that a convention bearing that name is intended to be a safe space to celebrate Black fans and culture, so fans and attendees have been expressing frustration over the situation, particularly because it is not the first time it has occurred. The cosplayer herself, despite encouragement from her Black friends, should have known better than to invade the space made for a marginalized group. She has since acknowledged her inappropriate actions and apologized in a Twitter thread, indicating that she is stepping down and returning the prizes, which included a cross-con promotional opportunity to be a judge at AwesomeCon.

Blerds feel that the judges need to be held accountable for their decision and reactions as well, with some judges, including Dax Martin, making statements disparaging the creativity and skills of the Black contestants and Black cosplayers in general.

George Hilton, founder of Blerdcon, addressed accusations against the convention and defended the judges’ decision, stating in a Facebook video:

“We are an open space, we are not members of a private organization… we don’t turn people away.”
“There will always be people there who are not Black, who are not people of color, in participation.”

While the inclusive intent is reasonable, there is no reason why the convention can’t politely indicate that the cosplay contest itself is open only to Black cosplayers to spotlight Black creativity that often faces negativity and harassment within the cosplay community.

On Sunday, Blerdcon announced a new winner, Kiwi Ninamori:

Blerdcon 2021 cosplay contest winner Kiwi Ninamori

The creator of MUTTS has an exhibit coming in October at the Urban Arts Space. Pre-registration is required to attend “Side Effects: Paintings by Patrick McDonnell 2016-2021”, which will showcase 50 large canvases juxtaposing “the painterly gesture of abstract expressionism with the simple inked beauty of classic comic characters.”

Top Cow Comics has teamed up with the gaming company, EP1T0ME, to market games and co-produce and publish EP1T0ME comic books and graphic novels, including their first release, St. Mercy. The companies have previously worked together on The Darkness games.

Chuck Tingle has been suspended from Twitter for mistakenly violating copyright by using music in his posts following multiple takedown requests sent by the music company IFPI. Tingle’s Facebook post encourages fans to contact the company to politely express how important Tingle’s voice is to the LGBTQIA+ community in hopes of giving Tingle the opportunity to remove the material. Fans are questioning the harsh action by Twitter.

Valiant Entertainment has a new Executive Editor, Rob Levin, as David Whol moves on.

Ahead of the release of the first volume, Lore Olympus Volume 2 has been announced with a cover reveal and a February 2022 release date.

July 22-25 saw San Diego Comic-Con return in its virtual form, Comic-Con@Home (check out our event coverage!), but while it’s great to see the show maintain its presence one way or another, the 2-year loss of the convention has been harmful to the city that relies on the tourism dollars it brings in.

The winners of the 2021 Eisner Awards were announced on Friday in a virtual show hosted by Phil Lamarr.

Screenrant published the regular reminder that comics have always been political.

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