2021 Eisner Awards: Thank you

Well. Shit. I was not expecting that. In fact, I wasn’t even watching the Eisner Awards. I was, instead, watching F9 (excellent movie, btw — just kidding. Needed more dinosaurs; less Dom) with Megan Purdy, the incredible woman who founded Women Write About Comics, and who, along with Claire Napier, shaped this site into a community where so many of us have shared our passion about the industry we love so dearly. First and foremost, I dedicate this award to them for leading us on this path and then trusting Nola Pfau and me with the keys.

I know what we’re capable of here and am so proud of everyone who has contributed to our site over the years to make us unapologetically who we are. I remain forever amazed and blessed by the people I get to work with and learn from. A special shoutout goes to our editorial team, whose dedication, knowledge, and skill power us through every word we produce: Kayleigh Hearn, Kat Overland, Kate Tanski, Gretchen Smail, Adrienne Resha, Zainabb Hull, Cori McCreery — thank you, my friends.

A very special thank you goes to Nola — I could not ask for a better partner in leading WWAC.

To all of our contributors, past, present, and to come, and to all of our readers and supporters for believing in us and sharing our work — thank you.

It is an honour to be recognized for the work that we do, and to stand alongside the other nominees in the category of Comics-Related Journalism, as well as all those other sites who are putting forth incredible content and are just as deserving of love and respect for their commitment to and passion for comics.

This award reaffirms our commitment to keep doing what we do best: writing about comics.

And not being afraid to scare a few horses along the way.

– Wendy “Carl” Browne, Publisher


Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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