Previously… On Comics: Warner Bros and DC Don’t Do That

The comics discourse in the previous week circled around whether or not Batman would go down on Catwoman. Warner Bros/DC says no, but the majority of fandom, including a few Batmans said a resounding yes, with Zack Snyder stepping in with “canon” proof. There’s been some debate over whether or not Snyder actually drew the image he shared of Batman very seriously, very intently pleasuring a rather bored-looking Catwoman with oral sex. Vice did some investigative reporting, even consulting with experts who believe that the image definitely wasn’t a DC original. As if we needed experts confirming that after DC’s pearl-clutching over Bruce’s dick. In this week’s update, Snyder’s image has been removed under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. And now he’s apparently selling the image on OnlyFans. If Snyder is indeed selling the image, then that’s  more than enough confirmation that A) Snyder did indeed draw this image of Batman doing what heroes definitely do (or at least, technically doing what heroes definitely do…), and B) good lord, Warner Bros/DC, grow up.

Support for Comics Artist Jeffrey Veregge

Claire Godbolt has created a GoFundMe seeking support for her son-in-law, comics artist Jeffrey Veregge who is critically ill with acute renal and respiratory failure, likely from an autoimmune disease that doctors are trying to diagnose. As of a recent update from his wife Christina, doctors have been able to stabilize Veregge, but he remains on oxygen and pain medication. The GoFundMe is requesting $50,000 USD to cover medical expenses.

Where’s the Accountability, Warren?

A year ago, accusations of predatory behaviour were brought against comics writer Warren Ellis. Ellis offered an “apology,” but as usual, we see no actual accountability for actions that have actively harmed people — particularly women — and the men in question returns, embraced with open arms by the community that continues to protect them. Last week, Ben Templesmith announced that he’d be reteaming with Ellis on Fell from Image Comics. After the public outcry, Image distanced itself from the announcement, directing people to So Many of Us, the site where victims of Ellis’ predations have shared their testimonies. The group is not seeking to “cancel” Ellis, as so many gatekeepers accuse, but instead want to see transformative justice in action and work, especially from people in positions of power and influence, to be the change the comics industry needs in order to be a welcoming and safe space for all. These sentiments are echoed and amplified at The Beat and Nerds of Color, among others.

After a year of silence over the accusations, Ellis has finally reached out to So Many of Us, indicating a willingness to “begin a conversation.” We shall see what comes next.

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