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Good morning! Welcome to the third week of January 2021, and let’s hope this one is a touch less exhausting than the first two have been.

You may remember news on some copyright strikes happening over some new Japanese laws from a couple weeks ago. The strikes specifically seemed to be related to Dragonball Z and One Piece art shared online, and appeared to be the result of Shueisha, the parent company of Viz Media. That story took a twist when an accounting went viral on Twitter, claiming that the real perpetrator was a sole individual stalking and harassing a streamer by the name of Jessix. This accounting seems to be further buoyed by the recent statement issued directly from Shueisha denying their involvement.Shueisha statement denying involvment in copyright strikes of Jan, 2021.

Here’s a great interview with Writer, Artist, and Editor Steenz on PBS.

Rodney Barnes, Executive Producer and Screenwriter for the Cartoon Network adaptation of The Boondocks, has founded his own comic company.

Some Batman news: First, John Ridley’s Next Batman, already receiving acclaim, is getting a second miniseries. Additionally, the creative team of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie are reuniting for their first DC work, on an issue of Batman: Black and White.

Liz Berube, famous as an artist for her work on DC Romance comics in the 1970s, passed away last week. She was 78.

Alison Brown, Front-of-House Manager for the Cartoon Museum in London, also passed away of complications from COVID-19. She was 39.


Things are still real hard. Please take care of yourselves, and each other.


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