Archie Pubwatch: December 2020

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Welcome to the Archie Comics Pubwatch for the month of December! I’m Lisa, reporting from a corner booth at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, and here’s this month’s news! In this month’s Archie Comics Pubwatch, there’s much Christmas merch and one of my favorite modern Archie series ever hits Archie Unlimited!

Archie Comics Launches Online Gift Guide

Archie Andrews - a redheaded teenager in a red shirt, blue coat, and red santa hat - is embraced by blonde-haired teenager Betty Cooper - she's wearing a yellow sweater and a red-and-white-striped scarf, her hair tied back in a ponytail. In the foreground is dark-haired, white skinned veronica lodge, in a pink jacket, purple turtleneck and pink earmuffs, holding a gift. In the background against a turquoise background is also a pile of red-ribboned purple wrapped gifts

Are you still looking for gifts for the holiday season? Archie Comics has posted a gift guide, set up to look like a catalog, with discounts aplenty on a variety of merch.

New Holiday Designs and Retro Logo Shirts up on Archieverse Threadless Shop.

A red christmas sweater with Archie Andrews' face on it. Archie Wears a Santa HatBetty Cooper and Veronica Lodge pose on the front of a blue background. The design is like an ugly christmas sweater, and is blue

You can also buy sweatshirts with ugly Christmas sweater design on them at the Threadless shop. The holiday designs are limited to run through the end of January only.

Stadium Comics Offers Exclusive Archieverse Pop Art Variant Covers for Betty and Veronica Winterfest #1

Veronica Lodge, a white brunette teenager, stands before a red backdrop talking into a blue-green colored phone, the cord wrapped around her body. She smiles and poses with a hand on her hip, wearing a red lace blouse that matches the backdrop, a white bow in her hair, white blouse, wide white belt and black skirt

Much like Stadium’s GI Joe Figure Variant and Christmas variant covers, Nuno Pereira has drawn the first of what promises to be a series of pop art covers for various Archieverse comics. The cover has a run of 250 copies, and has already sold out, as has a virgin variant.

Archie Comics Twitter Tweet of the Month

A good Reggie joke always gets me right in the gigglebone.

Sugar Sugar of the Month

Betty Cooper, a blonde teenager in a white scoop-neck sweater and red tights hula hoops a Christmas wreath as she wears a green santa claus hat. Beside her is Veronica Lodge, a brunette wearing a red sweater, red santa hat and green tights with black boots, also hula hooping. Behind them is a pink Christmas tree.

Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #289 
Dan Parent (writing, art, cover);  Jack Morelli, Bob Smith, Glenn Whitmore (art)
December 2nd, 2020

Why not wrap up this (very long, oh, so long) year with a visit to the lady-centric side of the Archieverse? This volume has my favorite digest stories of the month so far. Betty and Veronica compete for glory in a gingerbread house contest at Pop’s. As previously established, Betty is a wiz in the kitchen; Veronica not so much. Cue chicanery as Veronica tries to get Betty’s goat. There’s also a fresh Sabrina tale in this volume, with Parent’s usual smooth writing and able art assists from Whitemore, Morelli and Smith.

Hotdogs and Hotshots

Archie Andrews, a teenager in a black jacket and red and white polka-dot bow tie alone with a white shirt, stares at something flirtatiously off-center of camera view in front of a yellow and red background. He has red hair and white skin, as well as freckles.

Archie Milestones Jumbo Classics #12
Harry Lucey (cover); Various (art and writing)
December 16th, 2020

The final volume of the Archie Milestones series winds up its long journey through Mr. Andrews’ adventures, featuring tales from the ’50s through the ’80s. The way they have collected and correlated the stories here has been a perfectly wonderful treat to behold.


Archie Andrews, a redheaded teenager with black eyebrows and freckles wearing a purple sweater, sits at a yellow desk composing a love letter. Against an aqua background and behind him, Veronica Lodge -a brunette teenager in a yellow sweater, and Betty cooper - a blonde teenager in a purple sweater with a blue hairtie - simultaneously sniff at the same note, and Archie's melodramatic words, related in a yellow bubble. The rest of the cover is pale pink, with a blue header and purple writing

Betty and Veronica Spectacular Vol. 3
Various (art and writing) ; Dan DeCarlo,  Rosario “Tito” Peña and Henry Scarpelli (cover)
December 30th, 2020

This ’90s series continues to get its proper due with a handsome softcover volume. Lots of Betty and Veronica antics are to be had between its covers ’90s style, with bouts of romantic fervor, fashion follies and a lot of fun.

Archie Unlimited Picks of The Month

If you have Archie Unlimited,  here are a few highlights from this month’s offerings!

The Archie Wedding: 10 Years Later: This was a fun sliding doors take on Riverdale’s future. In one universe, Archie proposes to Veronica: they have money and a set of twins but nine years later Archie deals with bubbling discontentment as his friends and rockstar dreams are pushed further and further away from tangibility.  In another universe, he marries Betty and they, too, have twins, but they must make a life balanced between Riverdale and New York as they chase after their dreams. It’s one of my favorite modern miniseries.

Archie 80th Presents: Artist Spotlight – Dan Parent: The pen of Archie gets a spotlight release.

Picks From The Timecops

Main cover art for South Side Serpents #1 Features Jughead - a moody brunet teenager in a blue fool's cap and black leather jacket and jeans - sits on a motorcycle. Behind him is Toni Topaz - a Black teenager with purple hair, black leather jacket and plaid skirt - and behind them both in the background is FP Jones, a white man with a jar haircut, who watches them warily. The sky is a smoggy orange-yellow, and directly behind them is a green Welcome to Riverdale highway sign

Riverdale Presents: South Side Serpents #1 (of One)
David Barnett (writer); Tyler Boss (Cover); Matt Herms (Art); Jack Morelli (Art); Richard Ortiz (Art and Cover)
January 27, 2021

Do you like Riverdale? Do you like Archie’s Riverdale comics line, even if you aren’t that big on the epic highs and lows of high school football? Then this issue—a one-shot about F.P. Jones’ attempt at recruiting his son, Jughead, into the South Side Serpents Motorcycle gang—will probably appeal to you!

Betty Cooper, a blonde, white teenager in a pink teeshirt with her hair tied back with a pink elastic - sips from an ice cream soda while looking lovingly at the boy next to her, Archie Andrews. Redheaded, blue-eyed Archie wears a green football jersey with white letters on it. Beside him is white veronica lodge with black hair and a purple blouse, as well as golden earrings. they look at each other coyly before a red background and sip their pink ice cream soda.

Archie Modern Classics Vol 3 (TR)
Dan Parent (cover);  Various (art and Writing)
January 13th, 2020

Did you miss out on any of Archie’s 2020 digest stories? This TR gathers some of the best of the year!

Betty Cooper, a Blonde white teenager with a ponytail, wears a mustard colored coat and tan tights and boots. Beside her is Veronica Lodge, in a plaid red coat, flared skirt and hood, tendrils of her black hair escaping her hat. They stand before a tee-dotted, snow laden outdoor backdrop and a purple gradient sky. Over one of the rises of snow, Archie Andrews watches them adoringly, little red hearts floating around his head as he admires them in his blue winter jacket.

Betty And Veronica: Friends Forever Winterfest #1
Various (Art and Writing); Dan Parent (Cover)
January 13th, 2021

Another new Betty and Veronica series brings along winter frolics and high-octane competitions.

Veronica Lodge and Reggie Mantle have dressed up fancily for a simple friendly ice skating date, Veronica in a yellow skating costume with spangles and red skates, reggie in a red track suit with black teeshirt. They ae pulling off an elaborate ice dacing move as Betty, Jughead, and Archie watch. Betty shouts that they are making a production of everything.

Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comic Digest #290
Jim Amash (Art); Bill Golliher and Rosario “Tito” (cover); Peña; Jack Morelli (Art); Dan Parent (Art And Writing); Glenn Whitmore
January 21st, 2021

A Josie and the Pussycats/Archie crossover highlights this issue…which might just see Archie wearing ears and a tail!

Veronica Lodge, a brunette, white teenager with a pearl necklace in a green dress, leans against Betty cooper, a blonde white teenager with a ponytail wearing a mustard-colored teeshirt with a rainbow graphic on it and jeans. They stand before a purple-gradient background spangled with 60s-style flowers.

World of Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comic Digest #1
Jack Morelli (art); Dan Parent (Cover); Jamie L. Rotante (Writing); Glenn Whitmore (art); Brittney Williams (art)
January 6th, 2021

A fresh digest that will highlight the talents of the team behind Betty and Veronica: The Bond of Friendship. The lead story takes on the Archieverse versions of TikTok and BTS!

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