Previously on Comics: Giving Thanks

Good morning, and happy Monday! Do you have any idea how thankful I am that last week was relatively quiet on the comics front?

While we at WWAC were very sad about the end of Hellblazer (second-to-last review coming later today), it appears that at least one company knows what to do with a good writer; in this case, Si Spurrier announced via Twitter that he’s joining the X-Office at Marvel, writing an as-yet-unannounced book for Reign of X, the next chapter of Hickman et al.’s grand mutant saga.

From the “Admitting We Are the Villains” newsdesk: News broke the week before last that the RMCP had been caught out secretly buying spying software and lying about its capabilities while they use it to spy on the public—the same public who pay their salaries, via taxes. The weirdest thing about this, though, was that the RCMP was naming its spy programs things like “Project Wideawake,” aka the program created to hunt mutants by the literal villains of the story at the time. I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of brain poisoning that leads to identifying your civil-rights-violating program to supervillains and thinking that’s a good thing, so I’ll just say this: Defund and Abolish the Police.

Finally: Former Marvel Vice President Mike Hobson passed away this month, after suffering heart failure earlier in the year. He was 83.

That’s all I have. Take care of yourselves, and each other.

Nola Pfau

Nola Pfau

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