REVIEW: You Will Be Okay Will Help You Fight Your Anxiety

You Will Be Okay. Meggie Ramm. Silver Sprocket. February 2020

You Will Be Okay is Meggie Ramm’s pocket-sized anxiety-buster that anyone dealing with anxiety—and even people at the start of the lockdown five months ago—can refer to. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, this is a short and powerful tool  that will help you.

You Will Be Okay

Meggie Ramm (Writer and Artist)
Silver Sprocket
February 15, 2020

You Will Be Okay. Meggie Ramm. Silver Sprocket. February 2020

I must clarify that I don’t have anxiety—I have dealt with anxious moments that I wasn’t sure how to overcome, which is why I was drawn to this book. I still wasn’t sure what to expect with You Will Be Okay when I started reading it—how can a comic book be designed to combat anxiety? But in 38 concise pages, with a limited amount of text and monochrome illustrations, Ramm expertly reassures readers and helps them deal with the anxiety they are feeling.

This isn’t a book that you read once to educate yourself about anxiety and then leave on the shelf—Ramm has eschewed psychological theories for something more practical. You Will Be Okay is designed to be picked up when you are feeling the onset of an anxiety attack.

The book has numerous practical tips—like the importance of breathing to regulate your body. There’s also a page dedicated to grounding oneself in the moment using all the senses.

These aren’t tips one would forget under regular circumstances—but from what I understand, there’s nothing regular about an anxiety attack. In the moment, when the world feels overwhelming, Ramm’s book is a handy reminder about how to keep yourself together.

And I like that Ramm includes multiple steps for feeling better—because the first few may not always be enough to bring you out of the attack.

But not only does Ramm give you a guide to overcome your anxiety attack, they have also created useful exercises that will slowly, but surely, take your mind to a better and calmer place.

Ramm has created intricate and detailed patterns that they have peppered throughout You Will Be Okay—these designs initially seemed like they had no purpose, but they do. You can colour them—and use as vast a palette as you like.

I think these patterns are a wonderful addition to You Will Be Okay. I did find some of them a bit too coiled—if that makes sense—and it threatened to trigger my trypophobia. But most of them are geometric in design which makes them pleasing to the eye.

For anyone wondering if colouring pages fits with the theme of this book, I definitely think they do. As I said, I do not have anxiety, but I have had issues with stress before—and colouring books were a huge help to me. I got a few free adult colouring books—and was gifted a set of colour pencils—and would use them every night after work. I was sceptical about their effectiveness, but they helped me sleep well and gave me something to look forward to every day.

That Ramm has considered all these aspects while creating their book is testament to how clued-in they are to the issues people facing anxiety deal with. Of course, this stems from the fact that Ramm also deals with anxiety issues on a regular basis—as they write in the book blurb. Which is why there are multiple facets to this anxiety-busting read.

Even the size of You Will Be Okay is well-devised. If you’re on the go and feel an attack coming on, I imagine you aren’t going to have the time or inclination to Google ways to feel better. A pocket-sized book that you can carry in your jeans or bag is perfect for the situation—you can grab the book out of your pocket and go through the pages till you’ve overcome your attack.

But more than anything else, I love how Ramm repeatedly asserts that ‘you will be okay’. From what I understand about anxiety attacks, it can feel like the end of the world, or like the problem you are dealing with is insurmountable. The repetitive mantra of ‘you will be okay’ is designed to get the reader over that intense emotion.

2020 is a nightmare year—even if you don’t regularly deal with anxiety, the pandemic is enough to send us all into an anxious spiral. But when you already have serious anxiety issues—and are having to distance from your support system—the events of the world can feel unbearable. You Will Be Okay is a book everyone can use to stay in the moment, to overcome overwhelming emotions, and know that there is a way to get safely to the other side of an anxious episode. This is a book that you will always want by your side—you never know when you’ll need it and how much it will help you.

Louis Skye

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