Previously on Comics: Yoda, Digital Pinoy Komiks, and a New Look for WWAC

The most important news this week is that we have a whole new look! But here are a few other news items to catch up on from last week.

Explore Filipino Comics with Penlab

“We wanted to create a digital space for our shared love for Pinoy komiks, in the same way that cons let you find your favorites and discover new gems,” say the creators of Penlab, a new digital comics platform for Filipino comics. a person with medium length red hair flowing in the wind holds a phone with sheets of paper flying from itPenlab covers several different genres with a solid set of new series to start out.

Daniel José Older to Write YA Yoda Series for IDW

Star Wars fans are still cooing over Baby Yoda, even though we don’t actually know if this adorable 50-year-old infant is of any relation to the Jedi Master, but we will get to learn about actual Yoda and his life back in the good old days of the High Republic.

Not to be confused with the Old Republic, the publisher-spanning High Republic series is set some two centuries before the events of The Phantom Menace. Older’s Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures will be released in 2021.

Dark Horse to Print ComiXology Originals

The digital ComiXology Originals, which include titles like Ask for Mercy, will find a print home with Dark Horse Comics. Beginning in the spring of 2021, Dark Horse will print and distribute the original titles, beginning with Afterlife, Breaklands, Youth, and The Black Ghost.

Milestone Comics Returns

Prior to the tragic loss to the Black Panther franchise with the announcement of Chadwick Boseman’s passing, comics fans learned at DC Fandome that we will get to see more Black superheroes again with the return of Milestone Comics. Beginning this month through February, the Milestone archive will re-release titles including its flagship title, Static Shock.

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